Safe Against Bugs


bug shield oil

The increasing prevalence of insect-borne infections has made the search for an effective insect repellent a top priority in every household. Getting sick by such infections not only wreaks physical and emotional havoc among families, it also inevitably ruins the household budget. Because prevention is always the better route, families are advised to keep their surroundings clean and to protect their persons against insect bites.

Our family tried Human Nature’s 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil, and I must say that it does the job excellently. We just spread a couple of drops of it on our skin, and it kept all those pesky bugs away for hours. Of course, it goes without saying that it bears no harmful chemicals or else, I wouldn't have let my kids near it. Instead, it is imbued with the powerful yet gentle citronella oil.

But more than protecting me and my kids against pesky critters, I am heartened that with every purchase of this product, I get to help farming communities around the country. Human Nature has been giving 100% of the profits it makes from its mosquito repelling products to assist farming communities from Bicol to Negros since 2010. It continues this mission with the recent launch of the Farmer’s Fund Drive, where 100% of the profits from Citronella Bug Shield Oil and Bug Shield Lotion will help in the development of two farming communities in Bukidnon.

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