Sensitive Summer Skin


The summer heat is cruel to my babies’ sensitive skin. The skin irritations range from dry skin to blisters, rashes and itchy sores. It’s a heartbreak when they complain about the itchiness that I forbid them to scratch and the stinging pain when the irritations flare up. It freshens them up to be bathing a lot, but cleansers can dry up their skin too and still leave them prone to skin problems.

I first came across Mustela with their Mustela 9 Months line. Then I read that the Stelatopia product range are great even for cases like atopic eczema as Mustela products are parabens-free, non-teratogenic, phtalate free, phenoxyethanol free, chlorphenesin free, alcohol free and essential oil free.

Knowing how reliable Mustela is, I decided to try the Stelatopia line for the break-outs my poor bebes were going through! Eva had red, scaly patches and Olly had bleeding, watery and itchy blisters. Oona may not be a baby anymore, but her skin is just as sensitive.

Stelatopia Cream Cleanser is a great daily top-to-toe cleanser, protecting against dryness with a patented Active Lipid-Replenishing Process. It soothes Eva quickly and relieves her of the discomfort she feels. When Olly’s skin irritations occur, Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil rescues us from frequent and intense flare-ups. The Stelatopia Emollient Cream on the other hand helps keep Oona’s skin nourished. Then when we’re out and about, the Stelatopia No-rinse Cleansing Water is a quick, gentle cleanser for face, body, and diaper area of babies. - Laya

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Photo credits: Mustela Philippines