#PassItOnMom: Sheila Catilo, Preserving Precious Moments Through Photos


Sheila Catilo, a mom of 3, a passionate lifestyle photographer, and an entrepreneur, has been capturing the beauty in ordinary things and the magic in even the most mundane days of her subjects. She shared that her interest in photography started when she got her first ever point and shoot camera when she was 9 years old.

Today, Sheila is one of the most sought-after photographers in the metro by families, communities, celebrities, and local brands as well. Sheila specializes in three things: create memories for families by doing day- in-a-life family portrait sessions, help promote local brands through product and lifestyle photography, and make photography accessible by everyone. She also shares her knowledge about photography by teaching small groups how to take beautiful photos using their mobile phones.


Passing on Preserving Precious Family Moments Through Taking Pictures

Sheila shares that her mom was her greatest influence in being an intentional mother and in photography. She remembers how dedicated her mom was in raising her and her siblings full-time that she lost the pop culture of the 80s. Her mom also taught her an important lesson that she also passes on to her kids.

“The best thing my mos has passed on to me is the truth in knowing that it's always better to be kind than to be right. I think that's a life that I want to pass on to my children. Ang sipag niya magtake ng pictures. My mom was always the kind of mom who brought her camera with her everywhere she went. We never felt we lack in terms of documenting our childhood because we have albums and albums of pictures of how we were as kids no matter what we were doing… whether it's a milestone or an every day thing, it was all well-documented.”

“I think that something that really shaped me as a photographer and as a mom that i want to capture all those precious moments. You know, these memories are priceless and irreplaceable and that's something what I want to share also to other moms and other families, I want to teach them to keep memories and learn how to document all these priceless moments because there's no going back. I really believe that one of the best investments you could give your children is a lasting memory of how they were when they were young.”

“When life happens we forget the little things the precious things, (but) when you have pictures to document all those little things, you remember to be grateful (and) to make the most our of every moment.”

Sheila reminds everyone to not take any moment for granted. She encourages families to take as much pictures as they can, to take as much photos of their children and with their children, because, “you cannot reverse time but you can always help yourself remember those moments, by taking pictures.”

Watch Sheila’s Pass It On Mom video here:

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*All photos taken by Sheila Catilo at Lady Scott Jones Showroom

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