Show Your Passion!

The modern mom is someone who is versatile and flexible. She can take on any task, role, and wear multiple robes. She is clothed in beauty and love. Filled with unwavering kindness and affection. The modern mom is very passionate and wears it out loud, serving as an inspiration to all. She carries herself well with confidence, which reflects her physical look. She is in her own way, a celebration of life lived through her many roles and deep passion.
With her countless day to day activities, the modern mom should learn to take time for herself once in a while in order to recharge and regroup physically and mentally. One of the simplest ways a busy mom can indulge and pamper herself is through dressing up nicely. Whether its doing the laundry, running errands, or raising the next president, it pays to look good, not for others but for yourself. Looking good on the outside can instantly make one feel better inside. When one feels on top of her game, she can do anything she wills. In whatever she does, the modern mom does it with love and passion.


Modern moms, how do YOU wear your passion? Celebrate your passion with fashion with Electrolux’s Wear Your Passion contest. paperdoll Simply take a photo of yourself living out your passion, then post this on Instagram completing the caption:
“I’m (NAME) and I am passionate about __________.” #WearYourPassion #Passionista


Weekly winners will take home appliances from Electrolux. Live out your passion, express it boldly through fashion! Follow Electrolux on Instagram now and join in the passionista movement!