Snot-Sucking Made Easy

babycomfy1.png The common cold wasn’t described as common for nothing. It is highly infectious so it’s no wonder our kids have it about four to six times a year, some even more.

I hate it when I get a cold. I can’t breathe; I have a constant headache; my throat hurts and I can’t taste anything. Now, imagine what babies and kids feel! So, I totally understand it when my own baby becomes very clingy when she gets a cold. She cries a lot and gets so frustrated with all this snot stuck inside her nose.

The thing about colds also is that it really can’t be cured. The most we can do is provide relief. For little kids, decongestants aren’t really recommended. I would just put a vaporizer with inhalant in the room, put some soothing balm on her shirt, and use some saline wipes. The best thing though is to really get the snot out.

I’ve tried different gadgets, all of which freak the baby out (who wouldn’t right? It’s like an alien abduction device). 1. The rubber bulb: Probably the oldest invention ever made. This is totally not effective. Don’t waste your money on it. 2. A good old syringe (without the needle of course): Good Mom MacGyver try but no. 3. Suction things with a hose and a container for the snot

Out of all of them, number 3 is the best. There are several brands but for me, Baby Comfy Nose is the best one I’ve tried. It’s easy to use. Its non-threatening colored case makes for less freaking out moments. The translucent compartment gives you a visual on the amount of snot extracted. The mouthpiece is easy to use and the thing you put in the baby’s nose also fits quite well, so I think the name is quite apt. It’s comfy.

The Baby Comfy Nose is now a staple in our sick caboodle. My baby still freaks out when she sees it but shortly after the deed, she seems to give a sigh of relief that it’s done is job and she knows for sure, she can breathe and she’ll get constant cuddling. It doesn’t get more comfortable than that.—Kris de Guzman of OC Mom in Manila

BabyComfyNose is distributed by Baby Mundo. You may purchase BabyComfyNose through Baby Mundo’s Facebook page, BabyComfyNosePhilippines, or text 0915-584-3163.