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The path to beauty and wellness can also be full of adventure and fascination. At least this is what we felt when we read Souq Organics' mission statement: "We bring you carefully chosen products from locations off the beaten path...," and moreso when we heard more about how their business began. Two of four of Souq Organic's owners lived in West Africa for a few years, and during this time they were exposed to new ways of healthy living, from having a fit and active lifestyle, to having a healthy diet, down to the products they would use. During one trip to Morocco, they found inspiration into finally bringing their new discoveries and organic-advocacy to their home country. Their discovery there was what was to be Souq's very first product: 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

Souq's Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil became so well received locally as it was sold through bazaars and markets such as Mercato Centrale, its success fueled their passion for Souq's going fully into the skin products business, focusing on products that are not only natural and organic, but those that are certified, fairly traded and planet friendly.

Souq Organics The partners, Angeli Amante, Em Matias, TJ Sulit and John Amante.  Em and TJ lived in South Africa and that's where they got into healthy living, and discovered countless products they thought Filipinos would love. With Angeli and John onboard, Souq is becoming a major player in this niche.

Souq Organics Yummy Products were on the table for guests to try

(L-R) Mukti Botanicals from Australia uses only certified organic and 100% natural ingredients, formulated using a combination of ingredients that can be found in a well-balanced diet and are organic ‘food-grade.’  This makes them truly safe, even if babies accidentally ingest the product. Bestsellers are Mukti's Rose hip eye gel and Mukti Body Oil.

Fushi, a brand from the United Kingdom whose followers swear by its "Really good cellulite oil." Souq reportedly gets customers coming in from the provinces just to purchase this product.
The now famous, Souq Moroccan Argan Oil. A few drops on your face before bedtime and in the morning works wonders for your skin. It not only instantly soothes and moisturizes, it is also proven to heal scars, hydrate dry skin, fade blemishes, diminish aging, stretch marks, and even cure acne.

Bottom: Pangea Organics Bar Soap:

Souq Organics

Pangea Organics Soap- 100% natural, all active ingredients

Souq Organics Pangea Organics is a brand that thinks green from its product, to its packaging. According to TJ, even their boxes are earth friendly, printed with vegetable ink and manufactured using wind-powered machines.

Souq Organics Literature at the back of the Pangea soap says that seeds have been infused into its box so that you can actually put the used box in soil, water it and watch it grow into a plant!

Souq Organics The Souq Store is a relaxing place, from its soothing walls and lighting, calming scent in the air, it even has a sink right in the center of the room...

Souq Organics ...calling on visitors to try out the wonderful products

Naturally we asked what products Souq has available specifically for moms (besides skin products for stretch marks, sleep inducing scents and moisturizing oil.  The Souq partners shared that they actually have two brands that they have brought in but in very limited supply as of now.

Souq Organics

The Babies Only brand - (L-R) Mum's Rose & Spring Water Spritzer, Luxury Honey Milk Bath for Mum and Bub, Mum's Rose Milk Cleanser. This product is made in Victoria, Australia, also known as "Spa country", and has been developed with a Pediatric Herbalist and an Aromatherapist for babies.

Souq Organics Calling sleep deprived moms and daddies, here's an interesting find: The Bed Buddi Snuggle Pack, its baby wash and head massage oil contains sleep-inducing lavander. It even comes with a Bed Buddy snuggle bag that you can put beside baby's pillow or let your toddler hug to sleep.

Souq Organics Drop by the Souq Organics store and experience organic skin care firsthand.

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