Spectacular Summer


expo-kid1 Give your children a most awesome summer experience by enrolling them in enrichment programs designed to develop their talent in the arts, sports, dance, theater, or academics. At Mommy Mundo’s Expo Kids 5, the biggest gathering of summer activity providers, children and parents alike were delighted over the dizzying array of choices. Here are just some of them:


Craft MNL has a virtual cornucopia of art and crafts workshops for children this summer. Every Tuesday of April, they have Upcycling Crafts for kids five to 10 years old. The Thursdays of April are devoted to Animal-themed Crafts for kids five to 10 years old. For Tuesdays of May, they offer Kiddie Illustrated Books for kids 7 to 10 years old. May Thursdays are for Fabric Crafts for kids five to 10 years. The workshops are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. www.craftmnl.com; yelle@craftmnl.com or hello@craftmnl.com; (0917) 804-0553

KidzArt’s drawing classes for children two to 14 years old don’t just teach them how to draw, they also encourage them to become creative thinkers and problem solvers. The Squiggles and Grins class is geared for kids up to three and a half years old; Discover is for preschoolers; Connect, Imagine, Explore are three levels of classes for children six to 14 years old. 3F-2 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City; 925-9950; (0917) 855-9644

The Julie Borromeo Performing Arts Foundation, one of the most prestigious dance schools in the country, offers courses in ballet, tap, modern jazz, Spanish flamenco, musical theater, Latin dance, ballroom, hip hop, and belly dancing. 3F 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City; jbperformingarts@gmail.com; 724-3476; 775-0827

Kindermusik offers music and movement programs for young children ages newborn to seven. The goal of the programs is to teach children early literacy, math, and social-emotional skills through music. http://www.kindermusik.com.ph/

Make Believe Productions aims to create magical experiences for children through their summer workshops. http://www.makebelieve.com.ph; inquiry@makebelieve.com.ph; 729-5899

Mathemagis offers tutorial sessions and enrichment classes in Reading, Filipino, and Singapore Math. 3F 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City; (0932) 878-5501; 209-8128

My Talent gives children the chance to develop their talents in theater, music, dance, and modeling through their summer workshops. It is run by Audie Gemora, one of the finest performers in Philippine theater. 3F 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City; www.mytalent.multiply.com; avmytalent@yahoo.com; 359-0497; 571-3485; (0922) 591-6060; (0927) 315-9997

Musikgarten is an early childhood music program. It makes use of music to encourage a child’s balanced and rapid growth and brain development. It was brought to the Philippines from the US by Teacher Michelle Nikki Junia. www.musikgartenmanila.com; (09170 859-9936; 470-6277

My Masterpiece Movement is offering a 10-day My Masterpiece Yoga, Art, and Music Summer C.A.M.P.s (Creative Arts My Masterpiece Programs) for kids ages one to 13. From April 15 to 26, the sessions will revolve around Colors and Energy; from May 6 to 17, the theme is Peace and Possibility. www.welovemymasterpiece.com; welovemmm@me.com; (0915) 432-7439; (0927) 493-5139

Philippine Gymnastics and Athletics Academy runs annual summer sports clinics for kids interested in gymnastics training. Among their students are public school students and street children who dream of becoming gymnasts. Some of their students have participated in international competitions. www.pgaasty.com; https://www.facebook.com/groups/pgaasty/; (0917) 805-4577, (0917) 697-1206; genty@hotmail.ph; pgaasty@gmail.com