Spotting the Gen Z Kid


They've been touted as digital natives to the bone, the next big thing, and saviors of humanity even! Who are these people? They are the kids born 2000 onwards, Generation Z. They are the kids who approach gadgets with ease, who want to start up their own little businesses, and who know all about what's going on halfway around the world. Who are these children? They're yours! Raising these multi-tasking, wired up individuals would definitely be a challenge for their parents who are mostly Gen Xers.

If you have a Gen Z child at home, here are some of the things you might already be seeing in their personalities or are bound to observe as they grow up!

They are true digital natives. These are children who grew up with the internet and smartphones, and whose early years may have already been meticulously recorded on social media. All wired up, they are used to do the fast pace of the net life where updates are constant and multi-tasking is a must. They can be finishing a school report while researching for another while chatting with a friend halfway across the globe.

But while millennials share anything and everything, Gen Z-ers know how to protect their privacy. They know all about the importance of branding, and are smart enough to know that they are their own best brand.

They are early starters. Gen Z-ers can't wait to get on with their lives. Inspired by the success of young YouTube sensations as well as game developers and app creators, these are the individuals who are open to breaking the wheel of the college-career route. Because they're independent and tech-savvy, they are aware that there are so many other options for them. If an option will take them where they want to go at a faster time and at a more efficient way, they're going to bet on it.

They are entrepreneurial. Gen Z-ers are pragmatists who are willing to work hard for what they want. That being said, they are excited about going on new ventures for themselves. Why work for others when they can develop their own brands, right?

They are global. Raised on the internet, Gen Z-ers very well know it is really a small world. Exposed to people of different races, they are comfortable in diversity. They have none of the racial nor the gender hang-ups of generations past. They are global thinkers, approaching problems with a world view.

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