Successful Kids are Happy First: How One School Nurtures Achievers


Going to school should be a pleasantly rewarding experience. A school shouldn’t just inspire students to learn, it should challenge them to cultivate their talents and encourage them to become better individuals. Unfortunately for some students, going to school has become a boring, joyless chore. Such was the case with Ryan. Because of the tons of homework he needed to finish on school days, he would usually come home every day from the tutor at 9PM. He would be so tired that he would rather go to sleep than eat dinner. As the school year progressed, Ryan not only got thinner, he became withdrawn as well.

Ryan was unhappy, and his parents knew they had to take action. After evaluating different schools and getting recommendations from family and friends, they decided to transfer Ryan to Reedley International School.

His mother Anne shares, “Fortunately, after a month or two, we noticed a big difference and transformation in him… He became jolly, no longer shy, gained self-confidence, and looked forward to going to school. During the 1st Quarter Parent Teacher Conference, his adviser mentioned that he is always excited to share a lot of stories to his classmates and became popular as the storyteller of the class.”

Renee saw the same kind of transformation in her daughter Helen. She says, “My daughter’s confidence has greatly improved. She is happy to go to school every day and excited to learn what her teacher’s topic is for the day.”

Reedley International School is a child-centered educational institution that believes children learn best when motivated in a secure and nurturing environment. While Reedley is committed to providing a world-class education to its students through its globally competitive curriculum, it also knows the importance of teaching them Life Skills, its flagship subjects, which helps students manage family and peer relationships, develop healthy work and study habits, and learn effective time management.

Reedley takes the best elements of traditional and progressive education with its Reedley Synergized Learning Approach (RSLA). While its academic curriculum features a set of routines, structures, and standards, it also trains students on how best to deal with real-life situations and human relationships.


At Reedley, both spontaneous and structured play are encouraged to boost learning.

RSLA is child-centered. Children are natural learners, and at Reedley this belief is harnessed to the fullest. It encourages both spontaneous and structured play as a way for children to learn simple and complicated concepts.

Arianne, mom of Rina, shares, “I am overwhelmed that my daughter now consistently receives academic honors. This is the result of Reedley’s Life Skills instilled in the minds of students, combined with the RSLA techniques that the school is implementing. I will always be grateful to Reedley for what Rina has become.”


At Reedley, teachers develop a holistic action plan for each student.

RSLA is personalized. Children have different needs and learn in different ways. This is why Reedley keeps its class sizes small so that teachers can give each child the focus and attention he needs and deserves. Teachers develop a holistic action plan for each student which addresses his academic and developmental needs. The result of these courses of action are happy students who learn better and succeed in class.

Pia, mom of Erin, says, “The school, in partnership with the parents, really helps the children bring out the best of their individual strengths, not only academically, but in other aspects as well. The students are challenged, because of the small class size, making them more studious and participative. Yet, they are not stressed and pressured, compared to the big schools. They have time to pursue other things, contributing further to the total growth of the individual. Their personalized teaching experience has made our daughter bloom like never before.”


At Reedley, students are developed to become globally competent young learners and leaders.

RSLA advocates for meaningful learning. Reedley implements a theme-based curriculum where learning experiences are integrated as a whole. At the same time, it institutes world-class academic standards to ensure that its students become globally competent young learners and leaders. Reedley International School’s English & Social Studies curriculum are based on the McRel academic program of the United States while its Science and Math programs are based on Singapore’s national academic curriculum. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an official academic body which accredits educational institutions from around the globe, and is a regular member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), a worldwide organization dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens. “Reedley is a very personal experience,” says one of its students, Nikki.

“Opportunities are often tailored for you. My classmate and good friend Ethan had always been a very talented writer, and he would write stories and plays for us to do in class. Sometimes I would compete with him but he would always beat me anyway. Still, I appreciated and loved the healthy competition. I learned how to write better, more effectively. My English teacher sat with me once to tell me that I was a good writer, but if I tweaked a few things here and there, I could be a better one. I must have learned a thing or two since later on, in college, I joined a literary competition and won a scholarship for a research internship in London. Sometimes, it only takes one person to teach you one thing so you can accomplish much more.”


At Reedley, students are taught how to manage real-life challenges and situations. RSLA calls for holistic development. At Reedley, both Life Skills and the academic subjects are equally important. Children are thus provided with the proper and relevant tools which allow them to deal with life’s challenges effectively.

“Reedley taught me so much about how to work within a deadline, how to cut out unnecessary tasks, how to increase times for relevant work, and how to become the most efficient task manager of a group. Most importantly, it taught me one thing I hold with me today: Always have a big goal in mind. It is very hard to drive a car without knowing where you’re going, as in life,” says Kevin, a Reedley alumnus.

“Now that I am a teacher, I understand how important all of that was to my development, how in every way Reedley was teaching me how to become the best I can be, and achieve what I want in the most efficient way. After graduating from Reedley, I got a scholarship in Boston University and my friends from Reedley are still my best friends today… Any school can teach a curriculum but what Reedley does is much better. It teaches you character.”

In August 2016, Reedley will be opening in its new location at 2 C. Caparas Street, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City.

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*Names have been changed to protect the students’ and parents’ privacies