4 Ways to Discover Your Child's Talents


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is an often quoted proverb, which rings true not only for hardworking parents but for precocious children as well. When your child is too involved in schoolwork with little or no time to pursue other interests, it won't be surprising to find him a wee bit cranky or frustrated at times. He deserves a little lightening up, and exploring his hidden talents could just be the spark of inspiration that he needs.But how to find that spark of inspiration? There are a couple of ways that you can help your child discover his talents and interests.

1. Be an interested observer. You may not be with your child every hour of the day, but when you are be more mindful of his likes and dislikes. If he likes listening to music, for example, he might want to learn to play an instrument or develop his singing voice. If he shows an interest in nature, then perhaps he'd like to hike in the woods or swim in the sea. Interests and talents are not so obvious at times so you have to dig deeper.

2. Ask him about his dreams. This is another way of uncovering a talent or a passion. The bigger the dreams, the better. Does he want to be an astronaut? Perhaps you can get him a telescope and together you can identify planets and constellations. Does he want to be a television reporter? Perhaps you can arrange a visit to a television station.

3. Feed him information. When your child shows an interest in a particular area, fuel it with information. There are, for example, different facets of dance artistry. Apart from actually dancing, there is also choreography, music, styling, production. If your child is interested in dance but he has two left feet, don't fret. He may have an eye for production design or costume styling. Give him the opportunity to explore and wander.

4. Look for teachers and mentors to guide him. Raw talent needs guidance and instruction, and one way for your child to sharpen his skills further is to enroll him in classes and workshops. Summer is the perfect opportunity for your child to ignite his passion. With no academic requirements to bind him, he can focus on developing his talent or pursuing his interest.

Bring him to Expo Kid 2017 which is happening from March 4 to 5 at Bonifacio Global City. Expo Kid gathers the metro's newest and most exciting summer activity providers under one roof, giving your child the chance to take a firsthand look at classes and workshops that might interest him. It's also a good opportunity to meet teachers and instructors who could share with your child useful advice and insights.

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