Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide


If you're a couple of months expectant, then the rising temperature must surely be getting to you. The hormonal shifts and metabolic changes which accompany pregnancy already make you feel hot on typical days. With the scorching heat of the summer season, however, you may feel hotter than ever! What's an expectant mom to do? Here are some moves that could help you stay comfy this hot, hot summer.

DRINK UP. Okay, ladies, dehydration may bring about preterm labor so make sure you are properly hydrated all throughout the summer, and beyond, of course. Expectant moms are advised to drink about a dozen glasses a day. You can drink more if you feel like it. A good indicator if you're getting enough is the color of your pee. If it's almost clear, then you're okay. Bring a water bottle with you when you're out and about.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN. Don't forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher half an hour before going outdoors. Moisturize to prevent dry, itchy skin. Go for the whole shebang, from moisturizing shower gels to soothing lotion. Steer clear of heat rash by wearing clothes of light fabrics. If you do get a rash, perhaps your doctor can prescribe a medicated lotion.

DRESS FOR THE SEASON. The unpleasantness of sticky sweat and unsightly rashes typically comes with the season. Those can be avoided if you opt for loose fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics. If you love your outfits black, you might want to craft a new wardrobe strategy as black absorbs more heat. Opt for light colored ensembles. Empire-waist tops and flowing skirts in light fabrics are recommended. Don't forget to take it easy on your feet, too, by going for non-constricting sandals.

CHILL IT. Summer is usually when you and your family go on all sorts of adventures together. That's all well and good but always check yourself. If your family's out in the park chasing butterflies, you might just opt to lie under the shade.

TAKE A LOAD OFF. Act like a queen for once and let everybody else take care of the household chores. If you must venture outdoors, make sure it's either in the early morning or in the evening when it's cooler. It's also a fabulous idea to put your feet up to alleviate any sort of swelling that you're experiencing.

STAY FRESH. The heat and humidity can take a toll on you. Keep yourself fresh throughout the day by taking quick showers. Spritz some water on your face, too, when it gets really hot. Well-timed naps could help, too.

BREATHE. This is a simple but often forgotten move. Keep in mind that breathing allows you to let off heat. So inhale, exhale. Let your body be filled up with air, and then draw it out slowly. You'll not only feel instantly refreshed, you'll get calmer pronto, too.