Swimsuits for Pregnant Women


It's summer, and the beach is calling! But because you're a couple of months expecting, you don't exactly have anything appropriate to wear. Worry not! There's nothing quite as lovely as a pregnant mom on the beach showing off her blossoming belly. Plus, there are now a lot more choices in terms of swimwear for the expectant mom. Anne Bella Arguelles, fashion stylist and creative consultant, gives six helpful hints for pregnant mommas out shopping for swimsuits.

1. “A one piece or maillot is her best choice in a stretch fabric, which is the same fabric as a regular suit. Depending on her breast size at that time, it's ideal to get one with sleeves with pads for support.”

2. “It's also sexy to get one in a deep V for a slimming effect.”

3. “No to white and pastels. Go for dark – black or navy.”

4. “Prints are ok, just nothing too big because it will emphasize her belly. Small florals, tiny dots, slim stripes are good.”

5. “There are also blousy suits now that can also work with a cute off the shoulder design.”

6. “She can also get a tankini in halter or deep V. A tube top is also okay as long as it gives enough support and she uses a high waisted bottom.”

Prints are okay. Avoid whites and pastels.

Beautiful pregnant woman walking on blue beach in summer vacation