Taking Care of the People Who Take Care of Us


Our everyday routines as moms are made so much easier by the assistance of virtual angels in our midst. At home, we are fortunate to have our cooks make us a sumptuous breakfast, our yayas help us get the kids ready for school, and our drivers to bring us to our appointments safely and on time. In many ways, they intrinsically become part of our family, knowing what we like and dislike and sharing in our joys and sorrows. It is only fitting then that we think of ways to take care of them in the same way that they take care of us. For starters, we should renumerate their services according to what is just and fair, and we should do so on time. Making sure that they get a rest day every week is also of primary importance so that they can come back energized and refreshed. Giving them such benefits as SSS coverage and health insurance would also do them well.

Just as you are concerned about your children's health should you be conscious of your household helpers' well-being as well. Apart from providing them with well-balanced meals, talk to them about practicing good health habits. Encourage them to drink enough water every day and to start an exercise program. Getting them active and fit would not only give them more energy to do their tasks, it will also make them so much happier!

Apart from their physical health, let them see the benefits of taking care of their financial health too. Encourage your helpers to save. If need be, accompany them to the bank and help them open a savings account. Keep your eye out for saving instruments which maybe of interest to them.

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way in maintaining a good relationship with your helpers. Giving them presents or tokens on their birthdays and special holidays would be delightful. But take note of dates that are special to them like their mother's birthday, for example, or their wedding anniversary. Such occasions might call for a special day off so that they can spend time with their loved ones.

From time to time, surprise them with small tokens of appreciation. It doesn't have to costly. If your helper is particularly conscious of her hair, perhaps some hair accessories or hair care products would be appreciated. If she loves reading pocket books, get her a couple. Remember, it's the thought that counts!

Neat Nanny, a Cebu-based organization dedicated to making our helpers look prim and proper, offers a variety of uniform solutions for on-the-go nannies. By combining style, practicality, and comfort, Neat Nanny makes our helpers happy as they go about their everyday tasks. It recently launched a uniform line for drivers as well.

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Photograph from Neat Nanny