Teach Children Happiness Habits


Through the years, we've learned that it's foolish to equate happiness with the acquisition of certain material objects or the attainment of a certain social standing. True, such pursuits may bring happiness, but it is a feeling that's fleeting in nature. True happiness lies within ourselves. But how do we teach such a concept to a three-year-old who believes that he can only be happy when given the toy of the moment? The trick lies in teaching him some get happy habits to last him a lifetime. Habit#1: Seek joy in the everyday. All sorts of small miracles happen in our lives every single day, and it's up to you to show such wonders to your child. Explain to him that the very act of waking up to a new day is a miracle by itself because he's got another 24 hours to walk under the sun, draw to his heart's content, or blow bubbles while in the bath.

Habit #2: Always say thank you. Help your child develop an attitude of gratitude. Oftentimes, kids don't realize how lucky they are that they get to eat yummy food, enjoy cool toys, or go to a fun school. If we teach them to be grateful for such gifts, they will realize the importance of saying thank you. The best way to do so is by being thankful ourselves. When your kids see your gratitude attitude, they'll begin to be grateful as well.

Habit #3: Be your own cheerleader! As much as you would like to, you can't always be there for your child. There will be times when he would have to face challenges by himself whether it's taking a particularly difficult exam or having a tiff with one of his playmates. Encourage your child to boost himself up when confronted with such encounters. Together, practice saying “I can do this!” so that when he's out there on his own, he'll remember those empowering words!