#TeamMom: The Beach Lovers


As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. Here, meet our mommas from Cebu who share a love for the sun and the sea. It's amazing how a common thread can bring people together in the most amazing ways.

Phoebe Calle and May Uy met each other in a yoga class, clicked, and have been close friends ever since. When the two went on a yoga retreat in Siargao, they found another soul sister in Brigitte Mueller. They all clicked, and have been close friends ever since. As it turns out, Brigitte has a best friend, Aimee Antolihao, which she has known since college. When the four of them got together, they all clicked, and have been close friends ever since.

As it turns out, the group was exactly what they needed, a #TeamMom.

“Being a mom is the single most rewarding, amazing, exhausting, frustrating experience that a woman could go through. On one hand, there is deep appreciation and this feeling of amazement at the capacity of our bodies to create, birth, and sustain life, and this feeling of love that consumes your entire being and resonates through your very core. On the other hand, there is an overwhelming feeling of not doing enough, of not meeting up to the expectations of what the 'perfect mom' should be like. There are so many ways to be a good mom, but we're always judging ourselves as not being good enough. That's why moms need to have a strong support system,” says Brigitte.

Phoebe agrees. She says, “There's no better person to best understand us, encourage us, and inspire us but a fellow mom – a #TeamMom.”

“My #TeamMom has inspired me to be a better mom for my son, putting him first in all his needs, and giving it my all when it comes to taking care of him,” says Aimee.

Brigitte says, “My #TeamMom has helped me get through one of the most difficult experiences of my life, and I know that I have been able to emotionally survive it because of their support, advice, listening ear, and love. When I feel lonely, my #TeamMom rallies around me and lifts me up emotionally. When I need advice about what to do about being a mom, they're always there for me.”

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But more than being listening ears and sounding boards, this #TeamMom is also fueled by a sense of adventure and inspiration. Seize the day is their mantra, and they have pursued their passion for the sun and the sea by going on trips together, and planning a couple more.

Brigitte says, “We've been to Siargao, Mactan, and are planning a trip to Bali and Singapore next year. We all love the beach and enjoy each other's company. It's a great way to unwind and recharge our batteries.”

And because they're moms, they kids get to have some fun in the sun, too! Brigitte says, “Phoebe and Aimee bring their kids because they're older. My son Bodhi is only 11 months old so I haven't traveled with him yet but I'm excited to do so.”

So not only do the moms get to have some me-time, their kids get to make new friends, too.

Indeed, Aimee says, “Having a #TeamMom makes being a parent more fun, and our kids can also enjoy growing up together.”

Every mom has a #TeamMom cheering her on. Share your #TeamMom story on social media. Join Expo Mom #TeamMom as it goes on a nationwide roadshow starting off at Ayala Center Cebu on June 17, 2017, and then moving on the week after to The District North Point in Negros on June 24, 2017. Bring your #TeamMom along and connect with other Team Moms.

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