#TeamMom: Sisterhood


As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. Meet the Gumban siblings, four sisters who helped each other in their growing up years and who are still supporting each other as they blossomed into motherhood. Growing up with three sisters was certainly a singular experience, shares Chantal Grace Gumban-Febrero.

She says, “Growing up with them was really something. We were each other's friend and foe despite the age difference. The sharing of clothes, shoes, and everything else was normal, even up to now. We are each other's wardrobe consultant.”

Chantal is referring to her sisters Kathlyne Mae “Kittle” Gumban Ramirez, Deci Noelle “Twinkle” Gumban Estante, and Ivy Joy Gumban Gabila.

When they were little, their mama would make paper dolls for them. After school, they'd dress up their paper dolls and threw their own “fashion show.” They each had a role to play, explains Chantal. The eldest, Ate Kittle, took care of everyone, and was always in charge. This also meant she was the first to be scolded when something untoward happens, even if it wasn't her fault. Ate Twinkle was the nurse who took care of everyone's wounds and bruises. Ate Joy was the silent one who would turn red when she cried. As the youngest, Chantal admits that she was “the most iyakin and the taga-sumbong.”




Twinkle eventually moved to the United States, but kept in touch. As for the three remaining sisters in Davao, they ended up seeing each other every day as their kids go to the same school. Chantal says, “We are the typical sisters who discuss, consult, and laugh at little things.”

It was but natural then that the sisters became each other's #TeamMom – and they are only too happy to be going through their motherhood journey together.

Kittle says, “It's super important to have a #TeamMom in our life. I'm glad that my sissies are working together.”

Joy says, “Moms like my sisters help each other by supporting and listening to each other's needs. Thus #TeamMom is very important for a mom's well-being.”

“My #TeamMom helps me keep my sanity,” says Chantal. “That is why I really need them!”

They help each other through issues big and small. Joy says she can count on her sisters to pick up her kids from school when she can't, to accompany her on errands, or bring her coffee when she needs it the most.

Chantal says that her #TeamMom is more than willing to give their verdict on any new recipe she whips up. Her sisters were also the first persons to believe that her business Giggles Plus was a great idea. They also gamely volunteer to man her booth during bazaars and help her in marketing.

Indeed, Kittle says, “My sisters inspire me to be the best mom I can possibly be."

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