#TeamMom: The Mompreneurs


As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. Here, meet our mommas from Cebu who balance their many tasks and responsibilities as mothers and business owners by helping each other. Some 20 years ago, then junior college student Ruby Michell Lampinez Oroc found herself lending a helping hand to confused freshman Mary Deen.

Michell recalls, “I first met Mary, or Love as I fondly call her, back in college. She was the lost freshman and I was being the helpful junior. I showed her the way and that's how we became friends. We'd seldom see each other in campus and we got busy with our individual studies. Fast forward to 20 plus years later, social media got us reconnected.”

By the time Michell and Mary found each other once again, they were raising kids and running businesses.

Since then, they had vowed to keep in touch. Mary says, “We're pretty busy so we see each other about once or twice a month. But when we see each other, it's like there's no substitute for spending time together in person. I love being with Michell. She is a very inspiring, amazing woman.”

Mary is a registered yoga teacher and runs a yoga studio while Michell manages her insurance business. With all the tasks and responsibilities they have to face each day, it is comforting to know they've got each other, that they've got a #TeamMom.

“It's an emotional necessity,” says Mary.

“Moms are in need of a listening ear, diversion, and support. Although we may not always agree on matters of parenting, discipline, schooling, or a litany of other things, there's something beautiful about relationships that take place despite our differences. There's something therapeutic about someone else simply being there, validating what you're going through and saying, 'Me too.'”

Michell agrees.

“Every mom needs a cheerer, an inspiration, a friend or buddy to cling on to make the journey a lot more enjoyable. We can always get help from each other. We can celebrate together on common victories, seek help in anything difficult from those who journeyed ahead, work together on shared passion, our individual journeys, and pursuits of peace, love and happiness among others.”


A few years back, it was Michell who needed Mary's helping hand. She says, “I was struggling in my heart in dealing with my son who was diagnosed with ADHD. I thought yoga could help me. She started sharing how yoga also helped her find balance. We've been sharing so many things together since then. There were times we don't see each other for months. But whenever we could find time to meet, it's not without getting inspired by each other's respective journey!”

Mary was only too eager to offer solace and comfort to a dear friend. She had always found inspiration in Michell, who takes care of her four children without househelp. She says, “Her ability to multi-task enabled her to manage all aspects of her life with what appeared to be a natural ease. I'm proud to say she has my back. She's the one I can talk to when things are great but also when I am losing my mind.”

Michell sums up their #TeamMom as such: “We use a lot of support and inspiration from each other. Sharing will multiply the power of each experience. I believe in the beauty of imitating the good in others. And copying something that already worked with others will save me the heartache of making mistakes myself. Imitating what already worked best for others is one of the best things I really love to do. We have seen many models for that. We got each other in this team.”

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