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Moms are the most discriminating of shoppers. Because they're very picky about what they buy for themselves and their families, they want to learn as much as they can about the specifics of any particular product or service. Reading product labels is not enough. Moms do their own research about ingredients, pore over product reviews, and ask fellow moms about their own experience. Mommy Mundo knows exactly how ferocious moms can be when it comes to their taste for product information, and so it has come up with a comprehensive guidebook of approved and recommended products for moms in different stages of motherhood, Top Mom Picks.

Showcasing Mommy Mundo's best bets for moms, babies, and kids, the Top Mom Picks guidebook features product listings by category alongside relevant shopping information. The meticulously curated list is the result of years of testing and evaluating hundreds of items in Mommy Mundo shopping expos and events, as spearheaded by Mommy Mundo founder Janice Villanueva, and further refined by the wisdom and experience of a panel of discerning moms including childbirth education expert Rome Kanapi, blogger Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer, mompreneur Neva Arboleda Santos of Manila Baby Shop, business development expert and entrepreneur Em Sulit, and mompreneur Candice Yaw of Mommy Matters. The result is a handy, easy-to-read guidebook which takes the guesswork out of shopping challenges related to products for babies, kids, and families.

DSC_1496 Mommy Mundo founder Janice Villanueva (fourth from left) and childbirth education expert Roma Kanapi (fifth from left) at the Top Mom Picks event

DSC_1807 Manila Baby Shop's corner DSC_1724 Beautiful dresses at The Princess and the Pea

DSC_1703 Playtime at Sandpuff

Last March 14, 2015, the Top Mom Picks guidebook was launched at a bazaar event with the same name at the Rockwell Tent. It featured a selection of the products featured in the guidebook, leading family-oriented brands, and goodies from mompreneurs. The participating brands include Cycles and Cradle, Fern-C, Inc., Babinski, Baby Mum Mum, Babymama, BabyZone, Belly Armor, Bug & Kelly, Celestina & Co, Curious Chef, Enzo's Shawarma, Fatty Brain Toys, Fluffy Pwets, Hydration Nation, Angel, Yabot's Kids, Koofty Enterprise, Learning Time, Little Luli & Luiz Co, Mamas and Papas, Medela Moms, Miss Spacemaker, Mommy's Little Boss, Mr. Fluffies, Mustela, My Baby Dragon, Tiger, Paquet de Joie, Party Souvenirs, Picture Books, Pottly N Tubby, Princess and the Pea, Sandpuff, Sipahh, Tiny Tots, Tomatoberry, Urban Essentials, Wonderworld Toys, Fun Ranch, Gymboree, Imagine Nation and Wang Videography, Made by Kids (Crafty Kids), Mama Loca, Manila Baby Shop, Mommy Matters, Nurture Nook, and Feiyue.

With a mini-playground set up in the middle of Rockwell Tent, there was definitely a festive atmosphere as moms and dads scrutinized the different product offerings. In one corner was Mister Fluffies, the only organic gourmet cotton candy in the country with such flavors as Strawberry, Bubble Gum, and Coconut. In another was the Sipahh Strawesome Milk Bar where a fabulous new product was launched, Sipahh! Flavored straws which convert fresh milk into something truly delicious, Sipahh made quite a splash as kids discovered a new way of drinking milk. There was also a booth for enterprising kidpreneurs.

For more information on the Top Mom Picks guidebook, go to The Top Mom Picks guidebook is available at Fully Booked, Babyland, and online shops, Urban Essentials,,, and MomBabyFabric.

DSC_1577 Items from Mustela

DSC_1603 Goodies from My Baby Dragon

DSC_1690 Yummy offerings from Baby Mum Mum