The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award 2014: The Year The “Selfless” Took Over


2014 was the year the selfless took over thanks to The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award (BTCA). This year’s campaign, which was officially launched in March, gained traction in both traditional and non-traditional media, and even received increased “likes” (it has over 9,000 likes as of writing) on its official Facebook page. The attention for the campaign put “selfies” backstage and the selfless at the forefront, as nominations from all over the country poured in. Former BTCA winners gave further inspiration as they toured different campuses, fueling the passion of young minds to live their lives in the service of others. Even the trophy was revolutionary this year, as distinguished artist Pete Jimenez conceptualized a new sculpture inspired by the “Blessed Teresa’s hands, which she offered in constant prayer and service to humanity.”

Nominations poured in and the award was eventually given to Ms. Lita Fullerton for her extensive work with the Chosen Children Village Foundation, Inc. (CCVF). Ms. Fullerton founded CCVF in 1988 with the vision of providing a permanent home for abandoned children who are mentally and physically challenged. Chosen Children Village also provides therapy and training for these children to help propel them to be productive and self-reliant members of society.

Fullerton was awarded last September 26, 2014.