The Brow Studio: Raising the Bar on Brows

By Jing Lejano More often than not, the tiniest detail makes a world of difference. This certainly rings true for The Brow Studio.

The first Filipino-owned specialty service store devoted to the cleaning and grooming of eyebrows, The Brow Studio has 14 branches nationwide with two more opening by the end of October 2016.

Kristine Tobillo, the mompreneur behind The Brow Studio, says it has always been her dream to offer something new and fresh to the Philippine market. Specialization has become a winning route for businesses in other services. So Kristine thought, why not in eyebrow grooming?

She explains, “As a young child and up until today, I am a fairly simple girl. But ever since then, I believed in the beautifying difference of having defined and well-groomed brows: a simple, neat, no makeup, 'I woke up like this' look!"






The Brow Studio offers eyebrow threading and grooming, eyelash extensions, body waxing, laser hair removal, semi-permanent makeup/tattoo, and hair extensions for Filipinas 16 to 50 years old.  It takes pride in its highly skilled Brow Designers, who are trained to thread eyebrows not only with utmost care but with the least amount of pain and discomfort. More importantly, Brow Designers will help customers achieve well-defined eyebrow arches to bring out their innate beauty.

Kristine adds that The Brow Studio is ideal for women “who are particular with beauty but want stress-free, low-maintenance grooming that will make them always ready and on the go!”

While The Brow Studio now enjoys brisk business, Kristine admits that it went through a challenging phase in the beginning. She recalls, “We struggled to create the awareness for eyebrow grooming during our first months of opening. Many people couldn’t believe that all we did in the shop was eyebrows. Some would come and ask for an ID picture or photo printing because of the word 'studio'.”

"But through word of mouth and proper marketing we were able to spread the beautifying difference of having clean and well-groomed brows,” she says.

Knowing her priorities


A mom of two, Kristine says the luxury of having her own time makes taking care of her home and running a business less challenging. She says, “In my heart, I have set my priorities and of course family comes first. I revolve my time around my husband and boys. I work when they are in school and most of the time try to be there to fetch them from school. The Brow Studio is like my youngest baby. I treat her too with utmost care so I try to place controls and monitoring processes to ensure that my 'baby' will run smoothly despite my having other priorities.”

Indeed, it is this gift of having her own time which is what Kristine likes most about running her own business. But because it is her business, everything depends on her. This can sometimes be a source of pressure. She says, “Since my organizational structure is lean, most ideas come from me alone. Thus, I try to attend seminars and look for mentors who can help and guide me in business.”

Still and all, Kristine encourages moms to jump in the entrepreneurship wagon if they are so inclined.

"Being an entrepreneur is the ideal occupation for a mother so think, research, and brainstorm. Look for a need and think of a solution that will answer that need: great businesses are built on this.”

More importantly, she asks moms to never stop dreaming.

"Dream. Write down your dreams. And every day do something that will take you one step closer to your dream. Do not be afraid to try, to make mistakes, but make sure you learn in the process.”