The Do’s and Don’ts of Baby’s First Photo Shoot


Most women become shutterbugs the minute they become moms. And why not? Babies are such adorable, gorgeous creatures that you’d want to capture their every movement for posterity. But of course, nothing beats the thrill of having your baby photographed by a professional. Before you book your baby’s first photo shoot, however, you might want to take a couple of cues from Cres Yulo, a most talented photographer who’s a mom too!

1. Schedule the shoot at a date that feels right for you. Cres says, “I personally don’t have set rules unlike other professional newborn/baby portrait photographers. Most professional photographers would say the optimum age would be two to three weeks old since they’re mostly sleeping. I say, if you want to shoot your baby then go!”

2. Get your timing right. Babies have their own schedule of nap time and awake time, so better take note of this when booking an appointment with your baby photographer. “For older babies, I usually ask the parents when the baby is happiest, usually after nap time. That’s when I schedule the shoot,” she says.

3. Bring several sets of clothes, suggests Cres, from casual and party attire to colorful and neutral ensembles. Above all, make sure that your baby is comfortable wearing these clothes.

4. Be prepared with gears and gadgets that make your baby happy. It is always helpful, Cres says, to bring the child’s favorite toy or doll apart from food and nappies. She adds, “A personal music playlist would be good too.”

5. Give your baby time to adjust to the surroundings. Don’t lose your cool if your baby is fussy or throws a fit. A good photographer understands that a beautiful picture takes time to produce.

6. Plan out all the details of the shoot with the photographer, especially when it comes to the theme and background. Cres says, “There are no set rules since this is something very personal for the client. It’s really a matter of taste and preference. Some prefer to go all out in terms of production whether on location or studio—complete with stylists, while some prefer to keep it simple. Fortunately, there are a number of professional photographers who offer various specializations that would cater to the parents’ preference.”

7. Choose a photographer who knows how to work with babies. Being a mom herself, Cres knows how to make the atmosphere conducive for a pleasant experience for babies. She shares, “When the child arrives I make sure the room is adequately cool with soft nursery songs playing on the speakers. I make sure there are several toys/books available for the child to play with in case they’re not in the mood.”

All photographs courtesy of Cres Yulo. Check out her website here.