"The first time I held my baby, I felt pure bliss."


DETTE ZULUETA’S MOTHERHOOD JOURNEY Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson was brilliantly spot on when he said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” This is especially true when it comes to motherhood.

Of course, every mom wants to see her child grow up into a wonderful human being, but the joys of motherhood may not only be experienced in memorable milestones, like birthdays or graduations, but in the delightful details of every day.

Dette Zulueta, mother of eight-month-old Bella and publisher of Millennial Moms PH (http://www.millennialmomsph.com/), can still remember her very first encounter with the child that she would love forever.


She says, “The first time I held my baby, I felt pure bliss. It was a miracle to behold. It was love at first sight. At that moment, I felt true love and the joy was just overwhelming.”

Whenever baby Bella reaches a developmental milestone, Dette feels like ticking off from a long checklist. She says, “I feel so happy! But more than feeling happy, I am grateful that she is healthy and growing well. Those milestones too tell me that time flies so fast. She is a constant reminder for me to move, grow, and change for the better.”

This is why Dette has made it her mission to learn as much about motherhood as she can. Not satisfied with reading books and online articles, she has also downloaded apps and joined online communities to further her knowledge. She even started her own online community, Millennial Moms, to share knowledge and wisdom with fellow moms about motherhood and parenting.

Needless to say that thoughts of Bella never seem to stray far from her mind. Though Dette is a fulltime working mom, she gets constant text updates from her mom, who takes care of Bella while she’s away. She sustains herself with the thought of a happy reunion with her baby when she comes home, and admits, “At work, I am more driven to do well because of Bella.”

At night, she can’t wait to put her arms around the little one. “I believe she waits for me until I arrive at night. Though tired and exhausted, I still make it to a point to play with my baby. I look forward to seeing her smile when I arrive home. I love making her fall asleep and watching her sleep. Her smile is an instant cure to my tired mind and body.”

Breastfeeding her baby also brings her much joy, and she is blessed that it came naturally to her. When she gave birth, the attendants at the hospital made sure that her baby latched and that Dette breastfed the moment she held Bella in her arms. She recalls, “I made sure I was awake in the recovery room so as to witness her first ever latch. It was so memorable as I never imagined I had milk. I was lucky that milk came in an instant.”

As Dette goes through her motherhood journey, she feels fortunate to have the love and support of the people around her. She turns to her mom and mom friends for advice and she attends various events and workshops to enrich her motherhood experience. She says, “I consider Mommy Mundo as a valuable partner in my motherhood journey. I look forward to attending each Expo Mom since it has been a great resource for unique product finds for my baby’s needs. The activities offered by Mommy Mundo serve as a good, enjoyable learning break from the usual family routine.”


She is also most grateful for having a very hands-on husband.

“Motherhood was easier for me because of my very supportive husband. He is very reliable, hands-on and self-sacrificing. I can say that he is really good in being my partner in parenting. The tasks are very hard but since we share the load, we cannot feel that it is a burden.”

There are definitely more milestones to be reached by Bella, and Dette looks forward to the day when she hears her daughter say, Mama. But as young as she is, Bella has already given so many gifts to her mother. Dette says, “What I like most about having a baby is that I became more giving, more open to sacrifice, and more positive in life. It increased my capacity to love and to give. Bella gave me a better perspective in life. My life had more meaning. It had a clearer purpose and a new mission.”

And Dette wishes only more love for her dearest one: “My dream for Bella is to have a big heart that is capable of giving lots of love. I wish that she grows as a valiant woman who stands for God and does His will.”


Join Dette and other moms this weekend at the Glorietta Activity Center for Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey happening on April 29 and 30, 2016. Share your journey with us, and together let’s celebrate the joys of motherhood!