The French Connection

feiyue-x.jpg Finding a brand of footwear that gets mom’s thumbs up and the kids’ high fives isn’t exactly easy. For starters, it has to be a work of fine craftsmanship with not a stitch out of place for nitpicking mommies; that it has to be made of only the best materials is a given too. It not only has to feel right on the little one’s wee feet, it also has to be fun and trendy to satisfy the teener’s taste.

Fortunately, there is Feiyue! The shoe phenom that originated from Shanghai, Feiyue has hit the shores of Manila—and moms and dads, and teeners and grade schoolers are fawning all over it.

When it first hit the market, Feiyue quickly gained a cult following among athletes and martial artists because of its flexibility and lightness. They felt like they were “flying forward” when they stepped into them, which incidentally is what feiyue means in Chinese. When the French took over the helms of Feiyue in 2006, the brand really went flying forward as it underwent a style revolution. While staying true to its roots of giving wearers comfort with every step, the Feiyue team took on a new design tack by forging design collaborations with musicians, street artists, and even luxury fashion houses.

A glimpse of their current collection reveals sneakers of canvas, leather, and rubber in red, white, and blue; some with a decidedly washed out vintage feel, others with a cool modern vibe. Moms love wearing them with their skinnies and teeners with their colored denims.

Want to get a glimpse of Feiyue’s latest collection? Surf on to for updates. Online, the brand is available at