The Ingredients of a Great Children’s Party


Alice in Wonderland theme

Teacup-shaped macarons

Children’s birthday parties have become major milestone occasions, thanks in part to the excitement of parents and the creativity of event suppliers. But no matter how elaborate these celebrations have become, the essential ingredients of a super fun party remain the same. Michelle Lao of Party Magic, a company which specializes in party styling, lists down the most important.

Bright-colored jellyfishes

Everything starts with a great venue. Michelle says, “As with any important event (or even business), it is all about location, location, location. The venue will crucially provide the setting upon which you can create a truly extraordinary celebration.” Apart from the facilities, think of other factors which would contribute to a happy, hassle-free experience for you and your guests. Does the venue offer ample parking? How about its restrooms? Are they nice and clean? Is there enough space for all the activities you’ve got planned? A good choice would be Fun Ranch. It not only offers fun packages, it also has great locations! The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion is also a lovely place to hold special gatherings.

Let the games begin!

Cars from Party Circuit

The theme is the thing! Everything gets more lively with a theme in mind, especially when it's woven into everything from the decor and food to the games. “Children will always be children, and it helps to spur their imagination by recreating a fantastical world which they can explore with wonder and excitement. If the venue provides the setting, the theme adds flavor and mood to the whole event,” says Michelle. If your child wants his party to be devoted to games, for example, you may get the services of Supersizedph. They bring life-sized versions of such games as Jenga and Snakes & Ladders. They’ve even got giant pick up sticks! You can also look at Party Circuit. They rent out their die cast cars and race tracks for a roaring good time! Ant’s Pocket can provide felt centerpieces in any shape or size for your tabletops while Paper Chic Studio can complete the look with its striped paperware.

Sweet treats from Cupcakes by Sonja

A "sushi bar" filled with yummy goodies

Nothing makes guests more happy than an abundance of delicious food. No celebration would be complete without great-tasting food in generous amounts! This is something that you should always keep in mind, whether your guests are mostly made up of twenty-something adults or energetic toddlers. A dessert table filled with baked goods from Cupcakes by Sonja will be very well received by guests. A fun treat like Mister Fluffies gourmet cotton candy will put a smile on everybody’s face as well.

An energetic host keeps the fun going. Apart from the theme and the music, it is the host that sets the tone for the ongoing festivities. The effective host gets precious insight from the parents about their guests’ temperament. Do they like participating in games? Or would they appreciate time to chat by themselves more?

A room filled with the people you know and love! Michelle says, “The most important ingredient to a great party are the guests themselves. Having all the people most important to the celebrating family’s lives present during the celebration will create a very loving and celebratory mood which will be further amplified by the decor. In the end, it really does not matter if you hired the most talented host, or spent a fortune on the decor, if all the most important guests are not present during the event.”

Photos from Party Magic, Party Circuit, and Cupcakes by Sonja.