The Little Tree That Could


The best things come in the smallest of packages. In the case of Little Tree, this is most certainly true. A comprehensive line of baby care products originating from London, its mission is to "to provide safe, natural products that help baby flourish and put mom's mind at ease." Pure, safe and clean are the watchwords by which the brand stands for.

Apart from its products being completely natural and additive-free, it also uses environment-friendly, recyclable materials for all its bottles, packages, and labels. Moreover, all its products break down naturally within 21 days when exposed to water.

An awesome plus: Little Tree donates one percent of its sales revenues to a children's charity or an advocacy group as its way of giving back to the community.




Chrissie Gaw Sze, the mompreneur behind BabyZone, says, "I have personally tried and tested all their products myself as well as my boys, and we all love them! Not only are the products of the highest quality, but the brand as a whole is very well thought of. It's like getting the best all natural product for your baby and being able to give back to the society with every purchase. I am truly grateful to have found Little Tree and looking forward to sharing it with mommies around the country."

Little Tree offers five product categories: Body Care, Dental Care, Protection, Daily Clean, and Baby Wipes.

Chrissie says, "All products in each category are beautifully packaged, pleasant to the eyes, friendly to the environment, and properly labeled with all pertinent details such as description, ingredients, directions for use, and expiration date."

Some of the products which particularly captured Chrissie's attention include:

Toothbrush: "The toothbrush is age-appropriate and is designed in such a way that the upper part (bristles) is elevated and will not touch the surface keeping it away from germs. How cool is that!"

Wipes: "There is one for every need. Little Tree has created three specialty wipes: baby's bottom, baby's hands and mouth, and one for general use. All these are free from alcohol, sulfate, paraben, chlorine, phenol, as well as artificial fragrances and preservatives."

Hypoallergenic Series: "This is a complete baby care line composed of bath care (shampoo, body wash, and bath foam) and skin care (nappy balm, face cream, and lotion) together with massage oil and liquid baby powder products that are guaranteed free from preservatives, fragrances, and silicone."

Little Tree may be purchased online at BabyZoneph. It will also be available at Expo Mom Holiday at the Glorietta Activity Center from November 4 to 6, 2016.