The Message in the Mustache


During your little ones’ formative years, they can be exposed to foods that don’t contain enough of their daily dietary needs and introducing good nutrition and healthy eating can be difficult. But how do you interest your kids to practice such lifestyle? The answer and fun all begins with the perfect milk mustache they get with their favorite Alaska Powdered Milk Drink. Milk is filled with essential vitamins and minerals, it proves to be an important part of a balanced diet. Getting your young ones to drink it is also very easy since there are tons of fun, educational activities you can do with just one deliciously creamy glass! Here’s your quick guide on how to introduce your kids to the benefits of milk and enjoy it at the same time:


PLAY DRESS UP Have your kids dress up as their favorite hero and have them feel what it’s like as you act out scenarios or play make-believe with them. Afterwards, encourage them to be like their hero with a cold glass of milk, which can help them become taller and stronger. There’s nothing like seeing your kid down a glass of milk and finishing it off with a milk mustache smile, ready to take on the bad guys!


STORY TIME Kids love hearing a story or two, and even reading on their own. But you don’t have to worry about their eyesight. The vitamin A in milk is vital in keeping their eyes healthy and strong. Start a habit with your children by offering a glass of milk before each book they read and remind them that it helps keep their eyesight good and sharp. Don’t be surprised if they ask for more.


PLAY A SPORT Sports are widely known for helping aspiring athletes learn about sportsmanship and camaraderie, but it can also motivate your child to live a healthy lifestyle. Remind your kid to drink milk every day as it gives him the strength and energy to play, compete, and be a champ.


MAKE A MILKSHAKE You can indulge your kids the next time they ask for a sweet treat with a nutritious milkshake. No need to worry about tooth decays and cavities because milk is packed with calcium that can make bones and teeth stronger. Prepare your Alaska Powdered Milk Drink as you normally do, pour it over 12 regular-sized ice cubes in a blender, and mix it until smooth and creamy. Your kids will love this afternoon refreshment and will be looking for variety but you can always lightly sprinkle sugar and add some fruits like bananas or strawberries into the mix.


GO SCIENTIFIC All parents teach their kids not to play with food but this activity is an exception! Have your kids mix a couple of drops of different food coloring and see what color they get. You can also have several cups filled with milk for multiple experiments. This is a great way to improve your kids’ cognitive functions because Alaska Powdered Milk Drink contains folic acid, which helps improve memory and concentration.