The Organic Way


We want nothing but the best for our babies and Mother Nature always knows best! Nowadays, there’s a growing consciousness that going the natural, organic way is the better alternative for nurturing, nourishing, and even clothing ourselves.

Many allergens can be found in the chemicals that are used to grow our food and treat our clothes. Conventionally grown cotton is normally treated with harmful pesticides, bleaches, and heavy chemical dyes that can leave residues on fabrics they are woven into. It’s possible that our babies can develop rashes and skin irritations from exposure to these clothes. The making of these products also don’t help reduce the toxic by-products that harm our environment. They may be cheaper, but the accumulated cost for future medical bills and environmental damage is calculated in more than monetary terms.

Well, saving lives and the Earth doesn’t have to put you or your baby in a sack cloth! Using only 100 percent natural fibers from organically grown cotton, Omma Organics saves the day with the softest, fashionable baby clothes, and blankies to wrap your little one in! They believe that classy and comfy can be safe for both our babies and the environment, upholding an advocacy to help support organic farmers around the globe and make the planet cleaner and greener for future generations.

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Photo from Omma Organics.