The Right Start

23a.jpg Shopping for new outfits is definitely exciting and fun. We try on one piece of clothing after another, making sure it fits right and comes in the color suitable to our skin tone. When it comes to shopping for ourselves, we’re experts! But when it comes to shopping for our babies, we need a bit of reorientation.

Newborns and infants have hypersensitive skin that could easily get scratched or irritated by the tiniest things. Clothing tags, labels, rough cloth, and stitching could bother them no end. Dyes, plastic appliques, and scratchy cloth patches could produce an allergic reaction on their skin too.

Beginnings Baby makes dressing up baby easy for new parents. By strictly following US Standards for baby clothes, Beginnings Baby takes the guesswork out of shopping. Their line of all-white apparel uses premium quality cotton materials that are super comfy for babies. Cotton ties are easily adjustable and special garters are carefully measured to avoid leaving marks on baby’s skin.

If you want things perfect, make it right from the very beginning.

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