The Surprising Truth About Powder


Being a first-time mom can often be very confusing. Friends, family, and even strangers on the Internet will offer their advice in an attempt to help you navigate your new role. Their thoughts on what’s best will even be conflicting, only adding to your anxiety. One such instance that has divided the opinions of moms and professionals alike is the use of baby powder. Recent articles have linked it to serious respiratory ailments and even cancer. But numerous studies have shown that not everything that’s been said about baby powder is true.

One common argument against it is that it causes asthma. However, studies have already debunked this myth, citing family history as the biggest determining factor. Another false impression is that the little particles of talc can get lodged in baby’s lungs. However, this is only partially true, because not all baby powders are created equal.

What most people don’t know is that baby powder actually has several benefits for baby’s development. It absorbs excess moisture in the rolls and folds of skin, giving your little one the freedom to move more comfortably. The best way to allow your baby to reap the developmental benefits while keeping him safe is by making an informed decision when choosing baby powder brands. It’s important that you use products that have been proven to be mild, safe, and effective. Another important measure is to make sure that the product is applied away from his face and eyes, pouring on mom’s hands first and then applying on baby’s skin.

To learn more about the myths and benefits of powder use, watch the video featuring Dr. Clara Rivera, a pediatric pulmonologist.

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