Think Different



Thinking out of the box is a sign of creativity and presents solutions to problems where others see none. It comes easily to some, while for others it is a challenge to innovate and do things differently.

Global Art is an award-winning and internationally recognized program that seeks to enrich the creative minds of children through art. The program’s objective is not only to improve art skills, but through the Creative Learning Methodology, to enhance learning disciplines for more creativity in everyday lives.

Learners from age four all the way to adulthood are encouraged to grow and develop through a variety of holistic programs in a highly creative and conducive learning environment. Art may be considered a hobby, but Global Art firmly believes that it is a vehicle for inculcating good learning habits and training learners to think creatively and independently, to effectively translate what they imagine into something visual, and to communicate ideas through quality work.

While training as an artist only comes secondary to Global Art’s goals of enhancing creative thinking, the systematic and progressive curriculum still serves as a strong artistic foundation with the many techniques and different mediums learners explore. They even conduct a local and international annual competition among their global branches that let students showcase their skills.

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Photo from Global Art