Toddlers Talk: What is Love?


We ask kids, ages 2 to 5 years old, what the meaning of love is and the answers are as entertaining as they are amazing. It is and it is not what you think it is. Enjoy!

Javi, 2yo Love is Mama, Yaya, Dada, Ate, and Wowo. And poo-poo and wee-wee. – Javi, 2 years old

Tara, 4yo You hug and kiss. I have a heart inside. It beats. – Tara, 4 years old

Gianna 3yo You kiss on the lips, I think. – Gianna, 3 years old

Belle, 3yo Love is Mommy and Daddy… and Tito Alain! – Belle, 3 years old

Adam 3 years old Love is in the storm, like in the water in Frozen. – Adam, 3 years old

Sophie, 2yo Love is heart. – Sophie, 2 years old

Aidan,5yo Love is hugging, kissing, listening. You do not hurt and you subo when eating. – Aidan, 5 years old

Carlo,3yo Love is like heart. A heart is a shape with curvy lines. Love is like ABC’s, fun and happy. – Carlo, 3 years old

Maya,4yo Love is Mommy, Daddy, Kuya, Tiago (her cousin; FYI, he has brothers who didn’t make the cut!), Wowie (her blankie), Ally (her baby doll) and sinigang. – Maya, 4 years old

Martina 3yo Love is Mommy. – Martina, 3 years old

Amanda 5yo Love is loving my family. – Amanda, 5 years old

Lorenzo3yo Love is singing a song. – Lorenzo, 3 years old

Aston 3yo Love is Mommy and Daddy because they love me. – Aston, 3 years old

Trey 5yo Love is when you help someone get up when they slip or fall. – Trey, 5 years old

Kitty 3yo Love is giving a hug and getting a hug. – Kitty, 3 years old

Sancho 5yo Love is when you give someone flowers or something. – Sancho, 5 years old

David 5 years old Love means hugging and kissing. – David, 5 years old

June, 3yo Three pieces of chicken! - June, 3 years old

Jacob 5 years old Love is a thing that’s beautiful and has peace in it and really, really, grateful. – Jacob, 5 years old

Jose 3 years old Love is I love Mama. – Jose, 3 years old

Sophia 2 years old Love is Pluto. – Sophia, 2 years old

Mimi,3yo Love is kuka. – Mimi, 2 years old