Top 5 Breastfeeding Essentials


Whether you're an expert or a first timer, breastfeeding is definitely no easy feat. There are quite a few challenges to conquer and you need all the help you can get. We talked to breastfeeding moms and they shared with us some tips to make your breastfeeding journey a pleasant experience. 1. Easy Access Nursing bras, breastfeeding tops, button down or easy to pull down shirts are absolute must-haves. By unhooking a panel or pulling a fabric, your baby can comfortably enjoy breast milk nourishment straightaway.

Jewel Cancio, who is breastfeeding again after seven years, says, “I need my breastfeeding clothes because they make feeding easy.”

2. Cover-up “I’m all for nursing anytime, anywhere but I don’t like the feeling of being 'too exposed,'” says Lala Espiña, who is breastfeeding her third child. Use what is most comfortable for you and your baby, and feed anytime, anywhere without being conscious about people giving uncomfortable stares (but if you ask us, there is really nothing to be shy about). A breastfeeding bib, nursing cover, sling, or even a lampin could easily do the trick.

An-Marie Villarin, who is a two-time breastfeeding mom, prefers a breastfeeding cover “for ease of feeding and less exposure of fats.”

3. Nourishment “A little push with galactagogue (a substance use in malunggay capsule and lactating goodies that help promote lactation) will always help. And the added vitamin c in malunggay will keep your immune system working double time too!” Ines Yao, two-time breastfeeding mom, says.

Malunggay capsules and lactation cookies are awesome product innovations for breastfeeding moms. Not only do they help increase milk supply, they are also yummy goodies to nibble on when breastfeeding-induced hunger pangs creep in!

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate Always carry a big bottle of water with you. When breastfeeding, you will always be thirsty and feel hot, that’s why rehydration is important. Oh and did you know that lots of liquid also help increase your milk supply?

5. Supply Storage “I can’t do without my breast pump when I go to work,” says Nonie Azores, who is trying to exclusively breastfeed her second baby.

Breast pump, milk bags, and cooler (or office refrigerator) are your best friends if you are a working mom and want to exclusively feed your baby breast milk. It’s challenging but it can be done!

While we said we would give you five breastfeeding necessities, we thought including this last one deserves a mention… support!

Pia Cruz, who is exclusively breastfeeding her fourth baby, shares, “I can’t do without my supportive hubby who was actually the one who pushed me to fully breastfeed.”

As the cliché goes, it takes a village to bring up a child and bringing up that child includes breastfeeding. Ask for help and support - involve your husband, your other kids, your friends, your officemates. There’s nothing like getting through your breastfeeding challenges with an entire team rallying behind you.

Thank you to our breastfeeding experts for their insights: Ines Yao, An-Marie Villarin, Jewel Cancio, Lala Collada, Gina Quito, Nonie Azores, Chat Jandayan, Mica Fuentes, Pia Cruz