Top Picks for Pregnant Moms on The Motherhood TV


Today's pregnant moms are lucky as there are a lot of awesome products to help them deal with the challenges of pregnancy. There are belly bands that allow them to wear their favorite jeans longer and inner wear to give them much-needed support. There are also gadgets to help them connect with the babe in their womb. In this webisode of The Motherhood TV, Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva shares Mommy Mundo’s top picks for pregnant moms: Belly Belt: Pregnant women need not have to say goodbye to their favorite pair of jeans, their go-to slacks, or their colorful skirts. As their bellies grow, they can use Belly Belt. By using this cloth and band attachment, they can extend the life of their jeans, pants, or skirt, allowing them to wear them even with a growing belly.

For more information, go to Nurture Nook.  The Belly Belt goes for P1,275 and comes with a free SuperBra.

Mamaway Maternity Bra: Mamaway offers a lot of options for pregnant moms, from bras made from lace, nylon, and spandex to seamless second skin maternity bras which could stretch up to three cups. These brassieres come with wide shoulder straps and side panels to distribute weight more evenly. After birth, these maternity bras can double as nursing bras.

For more information, go to Mamaway PH. Maternity bras are priced at P1,360 up.

Blanqi: A tank top with a built-in belly and back support, the Blanqi Bodystyler supports, lifts, and secures. Its seamless knit construction is buttery soft inside with a matte, smooth outside to prevent clothes from clinging. Plus, Blanqi's under-bust design lets pregnant moms wear their favorite bra during each trimester.

For more information, go to Urban Essentials. The Blanqi Overbust Support Tank Top is priced at P3,800 while the Blanqi Underbust Support Tank Top is at P3,600.

BellyBuds: A specialized speaker system which gently adheres to the belly, it allows pregnant moms to safely play memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. Create playlists of songs, poems, and nursery rhymes to share with baby. Ask loved ones to record messages to play for baby.

For more information, go to BabyMama.PH, where it is priced at P2,880.

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