Traditional or Progressive Education?


A few years back, choosing which school to send our kids to just meant looking at school fees, proximity, and reputation. Otherwise, everyone went to the school where their parents studied. Nowadays, there are so many other options. Sending their kids either to a traditional school or a progressive one is a quandary more and more parents find themselves in.

Pia Cruz, who sends her sons to a traditional school, says, “We want a school that espouses our family values which include Catholicism. The Catholic schools we found were traditional ones, which dictated our choice.”

Erika Dela Cruz also sends her son to a traditional school. She says, “It is the same school where my husband went. We believe that our son will grow, build character, and gain confidence in a traditional setting.”

Moreen Rodriguez thinks otherwise. She says, “I believe that my son will develop his skills more in a progressive school.”

A progressive school is also the choice of Karen Dumpit and her husband. She says, “It will give us a better perspective on how to nurture our daughter’s growth as an individual and a responsible citizen of the world.”

In the chart below, Michelle Dizon, who has been a guidance counselor in both types of school, shares the basic points which differentiate one from the other.


Michelle says, “In choosing a school, it is important to know your child’s strengths and challenges, character and personality.”

How your children thrive in their school environment is largely dependent on their cognitive capacity, learning style, flexibility, adaptability to new environment and personality, and your family values. Creative, kinesthetic, and naturally curious children usually do well in progressive schools while children who can sit and concentrate, memorize things easily, and repeat information will do good in traditional schools.