Twist and Turn


dizzy-2 I have a four-year-old daughter, and as young as she is, she already has a distinct fashion style. When we go out, it’s she who decides what she’s going to wear. If she doesn’t particularly like what we’ve laid out for her, she wouldn’t be too happy wearing it.

Like most little girls, what she loves the most are full skirts that billow and bloom. She has a princess-like dress with a full skirt that she likes wearing every chance she gets, whether we’re going out or we’re just hanging around the house. It’s because she likes twisting and twirling around in it. It doesn’t matter if she gets kind of dizzy after a half dozen or so turns. She will twist, and she will turn!

It wasn’t surprising then that Dizzy Dress is a perfect fit for her. This dress is super cool. It’s not only reversible, which makes it two dresses-in-one, it is also adjustable, which extends its years of wear just a little bit. And because it’s made of woven cotton and cotton blends, it’s all soft and comfy. No wonder she wants to wear it every day!-Erika

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