Want to Be a Certified Transformative Coach?


Seize your opportunity now and join Coach Masters Academy's Core Training for Professional Coaching on October 24 to 27 in the Philippines!

Professional Coaching is fast becoming the key to business and personal success in the 21st century. It is a proven strategy for creating sustainable growth and achieving superior performance in individuals, teams, and organizations.

While there are many coaching methodologies, the Coach Masters Academy program goes beyond a tactical problem-solving approach to Coaching and offers Transformative Coaching through a revolutionary approach integrating EQ & Positive Psychology enabling Sustainable Change.


Coach Masters Academy uses its proprietary framework called the Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation™. It focuses on sustainable authentic change through heightening awareness, deepening learning, and allowing our coaching clients to choose informed resonant actions. In the training you will learn and acquire the necessary coaching skills to enable you to take your clients on a Transformative Coaching journey.

Transformative Coaching is not only for those aspiring to become Professional Coaches but also for managers and executives wanting to develop a ‘Coaching Management Style.’ Its training offers a unique opportunity for leaders to integrate coaching skills into their managerial skill.

On top of that, the October program in the Philippines has integrated additional Personal Awareness and Development Workshops, in which you get to experience even more growth and transformation in yourself and become a more impactful coach. Its premise for our clients and ourselves is that everyone is unique and different and able to bring their own authentic style to their coaching practice, their life and their world.

It is promising to be a fun, challenging and expansive journey. Intrigued? Register today!

For more information and questions, contact our its local Program Director in the Philippines Cecilia Schrijver at cecilia.schrijver@coachmastersacademy.com or 0917-5859068.

Indicate the code MommyMundo to avail an extension of the early bird rate.