Wear Your Passion Proudly with Electrolux


The modern mom can be a mom of three, who is a succesful career woman and a running enthusiast at the same time or she can be a mompreneur who pursues her interest in crafts and photography. Nowadays, people set no boundaries in pursuing the things that bring them even more happiness and fulfillment-- they pursue their passion. electrolux

Electrolux supports moms who pursues her passion proudly. Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, advocates and believes that you should wear your passion! Wear Your Passion is the newest Electrolux campaign. Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager of Electrolux Philippines explains that "Through the Wear Your Passion campaign, everyone is encouraged to maintain a balanced lifestyle and take pride in their passion."



As a homemaker, household chores are never ending and consumes a huge portion of your schedule. A balanced lifestyle is nothing but a dream. Now, Electrolux has thoughtfully designed products which aids homemakers in doing household chores more efficiently thus giving you more time to pursue your passion. Doing the laundry is no longer as time consuming and dull with the new Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine. You can efficiently manage laundry time while doing other things.

During the Wear Your Passion Culminating event held on November 19, 2013 at The Loft, Manansala Rockwell, Electrolux introduced their newest digital brand ambassadors. They are Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco, model TV host and actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer and momprenuer Janice Crisostomo Villanueva. The three women are passionate about being a mom, their family and sharing their passion with others. They encouraged moms to be proud of what they are passionate about and be ambassadors of their advocacies by sharing them online on social networks.


Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco shared about her passion for food and her family. She loves showing off the latest dish she has made in her kitechen. Electrolux's FlexFresh Refrigerator helps her store more fruits and vegetables and still keeps them fresh without wasting anything.



Cheska Garcia-Kramer has taken multiple roles as a model, actress and host but that didn't stop her from being a wife and mom at home. She believes that Electrolux's Wear Your Passion campaign encourages people to take pride in what they love doing. Their appliances also let people manage work and family life, allowing them to enjoy and pursue their passions.


Janice Villanueva is an advocate of motherhood and active parenting. She encourages the consumers to share their passions online,  by writing on blogs or tweeting about their favorite past time. She reminds  consumers that if they know what their passions are, they will feel motivated and inspired so they should live their dreams and share their passions with the world!





The #WearYourPassion Photo Contest was also introduced to encourage people to share their passion online. Through this contest, Passionistas are given an opportunity to share their passion with everyone. They had to share photos of what they are passionate about or a photo of themselves wearing an OOTD that best represents their passion on their Instagram account. A small appliance was given away weekly by Electrolux during the duration of the contest period.   

So if you are still clueless, find out what you are passionate about and when you know it, pursue it! Motherhood shouldn't stop you, instead it should inspire and motivate you to live your dreams and to find that balance between what you have to do and what you love to do. Wear your passion proudly.

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