Wet Stash


Your baby may be a little bundle of joy, but boy does he make a tidy heap of mess! Through the course of any given day, he’ll soil his diapers, dirty his bib, and throw up on his onesies. This is well and good when you’re at home where your diaper pail and hamper are within arm’s reach, but what if you’re out doing errands or attending a family get-together? You wouldn’t want to be all messy and disorganized, so where do you place all of your baby’s soiled stuff? wb-bluewhitegraypolka

Manila Baby Shop offers practical 12” x 12” wet bags in colorful prints to solve your storage dilemma. Fully lined on the inside, each wet bag can fit up to six cloth diapers. Not only does it come with a detachable strap that hooks up easily on strollers, diaper bags, and travel bags, it also has an outside pocket where you can place other baby paraphernalia like wet wipes, powder, and diaper ointment.


Manila Baby Shop Wet Bags are foldable and washable. You can also use the wet bags for trips to the beach when you’ve got a load of wet swimwear, caps, and aqua shoes to take home.


Manila Baby Shop Wet Bags are available at Momtrepreneur Shop, 4/F Shangri-La Plaza; KuKu Duckbill, 3/F Market! Market!; and 4/F Southway Square, Gov. Lim Ave., Zamboanga City. For more information, go to http://manilababyshop.multiply.com/, e-mail manilababyshop@gmail.com or text 0917-533-4209

Photos from Manila Baby Shop.