What Makes Belo Baby Good for Your Bundle of Joy


When it comes to products for babies, what is left out of the formulation is as equally important as what is put in. Because baby’s skin is paper thin, permeable, and not yet fully developed, products made from 100 percent natural ingredients suit it best. Belo Baby, a new product line from Belo, does just that with the recent launch of its hair and body wash, face and body lotion, and bar soap. By coming up with products that have been formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients, Belo Baby gives the right “babying” that your precious little one needs.

Baby Belo products are primarily made from cocoa butter, shea butter, and sweet almond oil, all of which offer many benefits to baby.

Derived from cocoa beans, cocoa butter is a popular ingredient in a variety of skin care and beauty products due to its excellent moisturizing and hydrating properties. But more than hydrating skin, it heals it, too. Cocoa beans are natural antioxidants, and cocoa butter is the perfect salve for dry, cracked skin as it is easily absorbed and stays on for hours. Cocoa butter is also a remedy for rashes and ezcema.

Shea butter is another wonder from Mother Nature. Derived from shea nuts, shea butter renews, repairs, and rejuvenates skin. It naturally heals common skin conditions of babies like rash and ezcema, and is used in other beauty products to address skin problems like sunburn, blemishes, wrinkles, and insect bites, among others. Shea butter’s healing prowess may be attributed to the essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins E and D, provitamin A, and allantoin in its constitution.

There’s also sweet almond oil. A natural emollient for softening skin, sweet almond oil locks in moisture into the skin. As it is mild and hypoallergenic, it is the best massage oil for babies. It is naturally endowed with Vitamin E, keeping skin soft and supple.

These are all natural ingredients offering a wealth of benefits to baby skin. But more than what’s been put into Belo Baby, it’s also good to know what’s been kept out of it.

Belo Baby products don’t have sulfates, which strip the skin of its natural oils and is a common irritant in sensitive skin. They don’t have parabens, which are synthetic preservatives that have been linked to cancer, and Tetrasodium EDTA, which is made made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide, and breaks down the skin’s protective barrier. Belo Baby products don’t have phthalates either. These are chemical ingredients used as a plasticizer to soften plastics.

Plus, Belo Baby has been dermatologist-tested and good for all skin types.



Belo Baby’s Hair and Body Wash is a gentle shampoo and body wash that is 100% natural with just the perfect amount of lather for babies and a delicate, powdery scent


Belo Baby’s Face and Body Lotion is a mild lotion for the face and body that is 100% natural with a very light, non-greasy formula and a delicate, powdery scent


Belo Baby’s Bar Soap is gentle bar soap for your baby and the whole family that is 100% natural with a delicate, powdery scent


Belo Baby Cologne’s Happy Tickle is a fruity scent to add sweetness to the skin


Belo Baby Cologne’s Sweet Snuggle is a floral scent that blooms throughout the day


Belo Baby Cologne’s Cool Drizzle is a classic scent that leaves skin feeling fresh

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For more information on Belo Baby, go to belobaby.ph.