What Moms Like Most About Being Pregnant


Every pregnancy has its fair share of heartwarming episodes and exciting moments. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a mother five times over, those precious nine months will forever be etched on your mind. kabbiekyoto Kabbie and her husband Mitor

Kabbie Rodriguez Alipio is a happy mom-to-be. Twenty weeks pregnant with her first child, Kabbie shares how she and her husband Mitor found out about the good news after coming home from a trip overseas.

She says, “So we went to Japan, ate a lot of sushi and sashimi, joined 21km bike tours around Tokyo, and basically had the time of our lives. As soon as we landed in Manila, I felt so dizzy and was about to throw up in the cab. ‘Oh so this is what jetlag feels like,’ I said. But the nausea lasted for three days and while I was still blaming it on jetlag, Mitor says, ‘What jetlag? The trip was only four hours! You’re pregnant!’”

True enough, Kabbie’s pregnancy test came out positive, and she’s been on an infanticipating adventure eversince, experiencing all-day sickness and craving for siopao, sabaw ng sinigang, cheese rolls, and Mitor’s aunt’s homemade cheese pimiento spread along the way.

Kabbie, who manages a real estate business together with her husband, loves her state of expectant bliss for a good number of reasons. Not only are people more kind and considerate around her, she is also showered by the joy, excitement, and support of family and friends. She likes dressing up her belly (Kabbie used to work as a stylist), and especially loves “the extra TLC that my husband gives me. My pregnancy just made our bond a whole lot stronger and sweeter.”

Above all, she is empowered by “the feeling that I’m a real woman; strong and capable to bring out a child in this world. Seeing my belly grow every week just thrills me.”

aimee2 Aimee and her husband

Aimee Cruz Singson, mom of three and one of the mompreneurs behind Babinski Baby, recalls the first time she found out that she was going to be a mom. She says, “At first, I couldn’t believe it was real. I was definitely happy and somewhat emotional since it’s a big blessing from God, an unexpected gift. Then when everything sank in, I felt nervous, already anticipating the pain of giving birth and the responsibility that goes with it.”

Aimee experienced difficulties during the first trimester of her three pregnancies, from vomiting at night and losing her appetite to feeling weak and uneasy every day. Her third pregnancy was particularly challenging though. She says, “I was in the late 30’s then. There are just some women like me who go through it the hard way!”

But once the second trimester comes bouncing in, Aimee regains her energy and appetite, and starts having that pretty pregnancy glow! Aimee loves the feeling of excitement of every passing day as she gets “closer and closer to the day I will finally meet that special little one who has been boxing and kicking my tummy! I think of the gender, who he or she will look like and I also can’t help imagining the smell of a newborn baby! Nakakagigil! On top of that, of course, I love the part where everyone showers me with extra care and extra food! Plus, I get away having fats and bulges because I’m infanticipating!”

faith1 Faith and her two kids Faith Fernandez, mom of two and head of public relations and communications at Avon Philippines, recalls, “I got pregnant two years and a half after getting married. I was part of a group of newly married couples and one by one, they were all getting pregnant! I was hosting and organizing one baby shower after another, and I was the only one left childless. It was an exercise on patience and faith. So imagine my joy when I finally learned I was with child. I felt incredibly happy!”

She says, “What was best about being pregnant was the sense of anticipation for the big day. I loved the planning, the shopping, the brainstorming for names.”

ruby1 Ruby and her daughter

Ruby dela Cruz, mom of one and communications specialist, thought that her pregnancy was some kind of miracle! At the time, Ruby was in her 40’s. She not only had myoma, she was also incredibly stressed because of her mother’s health condition at the time.

She shares, “God really hears our prayers. I got pregnant in a very unexpected situation and I was so thankful, even my husband was so stunned when he learned about my condition.”

It wasn’t an easy pregnancy for Ruby. Because hers was a risky one, she had to take a lot of tests. Her blood sugar had to be checked all the time too. But Ruby was undaunted. She was just too happy to be in this blessed state. She says, “I loved the feeling of everything. I didn’t care about the morning sickness. I didn’t care when I gained weight. I just loved everything! I embraced each and every moment of my pregnancy. It was like heaven. It was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful to God for giving me this wonderful experience. Words are not enough. To this day, I continually thank God for this unbelievable gift!”