Why Kids Need to Drink Water


A growing child's everyday routine is typically filled with all sorts of spirited activities. He wakes up, has breakfast, and plays with Dad before the head of the family goes off to work. Mom then prepares him for school, where he learns his ABCs, sings with his classmates, and has a rollicking time at the jungle gym. Coming home from school, his day is far from over. After his nap, he logs in an hour with the tutor before heading off for music lessons. Nighttime he spends with his siblings, playing cops and robbers with their collection of action figures. All that physical exertion takes a toll on his young body. That's why it's important for a growing child to have a well-balanced meal with plenty of fruits, vegetables, starchy food, and water.

Yes, you read that right, water!

Water is important in keeping an active child happy and healthy. More than half of a child's body weight is made of water. It's in his blood, which helps carry oxygen throughout his body. It's also in his lymph fluid, which helps him fight infections.

Water ensures that a child's body works properly. It not only protects his spinal cord and sensitive tissues, it also lubricates and cushions his joints and keeps his body temperature at a normal level. It also helps get rid of the waste in his body when he pees and poos. And of course, it is the main ingredient of sweat.

Typically, a five- to eight-year-old child should drink about five glasses or one liter of water a day. Nine- to 12-year-olders need more, about seven glasses or 1.5 liters. Teenagers need about 8 to 10 glasses or 2 liters daily.

Of course, your child doesn't only get water from drinking water. It's in his milk and juices, soups and stews, and fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, and oranges have high water content, so do tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflowers, and spinach.

But the best way to quench your child's thirst is still drinking water.

There are different types and brands of drinking water. But when it comes to safety, the cleanliness and purity of distilled water stands out. WILKINS combines two purification processes, distillation and reverse osmosis, to provide you and your family with safe drinking water. Reverse osmosis is what sets WILKINS Distilled Drinking Water apart from others, making it a trusted brand among moms. It is also prescribed by pediatricians.

WILKINS Distilled Drinking Water is available in different sizes for your family's convenience. Stash a 330ml bottle in your child's lunchbox so he gets energized in school. Have a 1L bottle handy in the kitchen when you're preparing dinner for the family. Take a 6L bottle to the family picnic to keep everybody hydrated.

Water is important in keeping your child happy, healthy, and safe. Make sure he drinks the right amount of clean water every single day.

Image courtesy of winnond at FreeDigitalPhotos.net