Why My Dad's the Best


Dads can have it rough. Some work and spend too few precious hours with their families while those who stay home as their partners work are seldom really fussed over. Plus, every Dad has to work on their bond with the kids who are typically closer to their Mom through pregnancy. They're also usually portrayed as the strong, silent type, and sometimes unfairly relegated to a seat at the family sidelines. Well, we know you better than that Dads!

You're often the designated "fun parent," giving piggy back rides even as your back aches, tirelessly hoisting growing kids onto your shoulders and running all day after dynamos squealing in delight. You are the default best playdate ever, whether it's a tickle fest, playground adventure, or video game challenge. Even if the world expects you to be serious and tough, you make things fun for the kids and you're a real softie in their hands. They know it too, so sometimes you manage to get in trouble with Mom for giving in to the little ones' demands!

Nevertheless, you're strong when you need to be. You know that you are still guardian and guide as the children learn to walk the straight and narrow. You dish out the tough love as well as Mom does, modeling strength and character as a father and Mom's partner. We know that you're the one to rely on when the kids need someone to back them up and help Mom keep the family healthy, happy, and safe.

You teach the kids what love and sacrifice can mean by example. You're never afraid to take up a cause in your kids' name or work long hours for your family for a comfortable present and secure future. But being exhausted from work doesn't keep you from spending quality time with your family. You can even bravely do diaper laundry duty and willingly let your arms cramp up to cuddle sleepy babies who need to be rocked for hours.

We know you're out there giving it all you've got, often relying on pictures and videos to relive precious moments you miss. It could get lonely in the Daddy trenches and if you feel invisible or underappreciated too, rest assured that we see you with our eyes and our hearts, Dads! The family is never complete without you. You're not just bodyguard, driver, handyman, troubleshooter, occasional cook, provider of food, fun, or toys! You are more than your job, more than your designated roles, more than your titles, more than "just" Dad. You nourish minds, nurture hearts, and shelter souls in need of your example and guidance.


You are your family's one and only Dad and you are irreplaceably the best, which is why these kids find you the coolest!

dadjoven-issey Issey with her Dad Joven and Mom Dionne

“My dad's the best because he is helpful and kind."-Issey, 7

“Dad's the best cause he's fun and loving.”-Andrea, 8

"My dad's the best because loves me."-Lea, 4

"Dad is best because he gives big hugs."-Jim, 4

“My dad is the best because he is my dad and he loves me.”-Iakob, 7

dadjim Dad Jim with daughters Nira, Nique. and Nel

“My dad is the best because he is cool and has swag.”-Nira, 12

“He's the best for me because he's my dad and he helps me a lot."-Hannah, 8

“My dad is the best because I'm his best boy and he protects me from (big brothers) Sean and Zach. And he always buys me stuff and brings me with him where he goes when he gets me from school.”-Seth, 6

ron-florendo Oona and Olly with their Dad Ron, Mom Laya, and siblings

“My dad is the best because he makes us laugh even when he gets mad at us.”-Olly, 5

“My dad is the best because he plays with us all the time, he reads to us even when he is very sleepy, and he watches movies with us.”-Oona, 7

“My dad is the best because he cooks breakfast with me.”-Erin, 8

“My dad is the best because he puts me to sleep when I have bad dreams.”-Oliver, 8

“My dad is the best because he talks to me quietly when I do something wrong and he helps me make it right.”-Daniel, 9

daddyjason-jandi-janna Jandi and Janna with their Dad Jason "My dad's the best because he's working for us to have food."-Jandi, 5

"My dad's the best because he treats our family special."-Janna, 6

Featured photo by anieto2k from imcreator.com