Wink Shapewear Celebrates Moms!


Most family celebrations are geared towards children. Whether it's celebrating a milestone moment like a birthday or recognizing a significant achievement like a graduation, it is almost always a child at the heart of these parties. Rarely are touchstone moments of moms celebrated, except maybe for Mother's Day. Birthday celebrations of her birthdays don't really count because, well, more often than not, it is mom who foots the bill.

It is absolutely refreshing then when Wink, the preferred shapewear of most Filipino moms, threw a party specially for moms.

Wink Postpartum Shapewear is the only medical grade binder that provides strong compression yet it is very comfortable to wear. It can be used as a support after any abdominal operation, too. Made from hypoallergenic, formaldehyde-free, and latex-free materials, it won't cause sweating, irritation, and itchiness.

With the theme Celebrate You, the official launch of Wink Shapewear nourished the mommy guests bodies with delicious food from Stacy's. There was also a massage area to help relax their active hands and fingers. Of course, the company of fellow moms proved to be an energizing experience.

The Urban Essentials Philosophy

Celebrating moms has always been the philosophy of Wink as it works many wonders for women.

Joy Astilla, the mompreneur behind Urban Essentials, the official distributor of Wink, says,  “We want to let everyone know that it is okay for a woman to take care of herself. It is perfectly okay to want to look good and feel good. It's important to remember that your love for yourself should not stop once you become a mother. Caring for your body and yourself will help in keeping your sanity, and in turn, will help you take better care of your family." 

A mom of three, Joy came upon Wink when was looking for a binder of her own. She recalls, "For my third pregnancy, I was scheduled for a CS delivery.  I wanted to look for a good binder, since I've had bad experiences with my previous ones. I got rashes. It was itchy, painful, and very bulky. Eventually, I found out about Wink. I was very impressed by it after I began using it. This was when I decided to reach out to the US principal. In the end, they gave me exclusivity."


Urban Essentials Founder Joy Astilla, standing and her guests


All smiles as they celebrate womanhood are bloggers RJ Dancel,  Lee Shen Cala-or, Frances Sales, and mompreneur Janice Villanueva


That was three years ago. Today, Wink Shapewear has won the hearts of many moms. Among its #WinkMoms are celebrity moms and influencers like Joy W. Sotto, who is a devoted mother of five.

She says, “I saw a post about Wink being used for C-sections and that it was meant to be used right after giving birth. I hurriedly got my Wink out of my hospital bag and used it. Oh wow, it was like magic! The pain became so bearable and it gave my tummy area and my back extra support. I could easily sit up and stand. My wound area didn't hurt anymore because nothing was pressing hard on it. I could even walk a bit faster (compared to when I was using the hospital binder). And lastly, it made breastfeeding so much easier and comfortable. The Wink is definitely a must have for all moms most especially those with C-sections! Lesson learned, request to use it right away instead of the hospital binder!”

Tina Santiago Rodriguez, who is the mom behind, says Wink helped her a lot postpartum even if she delivered her baby the natural route.

"I had never used a postpartum binder with our older three kids. So I was ecstatic when my friends gifted me with a Wink Belly & Hip Shaper when I was still pregnant with our fourth child! I had heard many good things about Wink from other moms. It was one of the things I told my husband to pack when he was preparing our hospital bag. And it’s a good thing that he did so! Our baby was born vaginally and naturally but had to stay in the Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) of the hospital for treatment of his extreme jaundice, caused by our blood incompatibility. So I ended up doing a lot of walking to and from the IMCU because I was committed to breastfeeding him. Wearing the Wink helped me a lot because I felt better support for my back and body as a whole!"

"When my preggy friends ask me about what binder they should get, I always recommend Wink. #WinkMoms unite!”

Bianca Araneta Elizalde, mom of four, model, and co-author of Project Mom is another happy #WinkMom.

"I've tried so many different binders – local and imported ones – and Wink Ultra Bikini is by far the most comfortable binder I've tried,” she shares. “I don't get red marks, I don't itch, it's invisible under clothing, it doesn't ride up your hips and waist, and best of all, it works! It feels so good to be able to tighten the corset a notch every other day!”


#WinkMom Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Cat Arambulo-Antonio also shares how Wink works wonders for her.

"At first I was skeptical about Wink because that was my third pregnancy, and I've tried so many brands, probably over 10 of them! I used to get itchy rashes. But I wanted to try Wink because I heard a lot of good reviews. When I tried it, I was like, wow, this is real! This is the best thing ever. It's really working for me. It kept everything tight. Even my doctor said that he needs to recommend this to his other patients. My post C-section recovery was also so much easier. I was able to move more. It did not feel like my organs were going to fall out. It just kept me secure and, at the same time, I could wear jeans and leggings. I love Wink because I don't get rashes, it keeps everything in place, it keeps me flat and I look sexy. It keeps me confident and I feel great in it!”

For her part, blogger and mom of one Lee Shen Cala-or, says, “Motherhood is full of rollercoaster emotions for me. I was a doting and proud mom one second, and the next I was a mess seeing how my body has changed. Wink was able to provide me with a good amount of confidence to help me pull through the hard times, allowing me to fit into my pre-pregnancy dresses. Best of all, it helped with my posture during breastfeeding. It's so comfortable that even to this day, I use it. Wink is my secret but I'm sharing it with you because I know how good it is!”

But Wink Shapewear isn't just for moms. Women who are not mothers can use it!

Joy explains, "Wink can also be worn even by those who did not give birth. You can go down two full sizes in an instant and by wearing it regularly day and night, your waist will eventually shrink. It’s also a great support for the back and core muscles, and can be worn by women who have postural problems."

So whether you're wearing it to get back into shape postpartum or you just want to look absolutely fabulous, Wink joyously celebrates you!

Wink is available through www. and can also be found at Mothercare, Rustan's, and The Parenting Emporium.

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