Come, Mom, write away with us

In the busyness of everyday life and being a Mom, sometimes it helps to get away from it all to find  your Inner Voice. This July, we invite you to come and Write Away with us. Moms, our kids grow up way too fast, right? We may not be able to pause time, but we can capture precious moments through journaling. Moms remember the big “firsts” with photos and videos. But there are also those small, everyday things that we often forget. Journaling records the little moments that make motherhood so special.


Come, Mom, write away

It’s the dream of most moms: to document their child’s growing-up years and their thoughts on motherhood in the most beautiful way possible. What ends up happening though is that most of the documentation ends up as part of their Facebook and Instagram feeds and never goes beyond that.

What if moms can have a three-day weekend where they can write about their unique parenting journey? What if moms can nourish their long-neglected creative selves? What if they can finally tell the motherhood stories that they have kept in their hearts?

That’s what Write Away: The Mom Edition wants to do for moms—to give them the time, space and inspiration to get their writing and creative projects started.


Write Away: The Mom Edition is an all-mom writing, creativity and life coaching retreat to be held from July 27-29, 2018 in Casa Luminaria, Batangas. During the retreat, moms can experience hours of undisturbed writing time, one-on-one mentoring and life coaching sessions so they can get clarity on their creative projects and set their personal goals, inspiration from three creative workshops and lots of pampering with delicious food, morning meditation, wine nights and massage.


The retreat is open to all moms, from 25 to 50 years old, whether they have just given birth or are already facing an empty nest.

Write Away: The Mom Edition will be led by life coach Aurora M. Suarez, author Ines Bautista-Yao and former editor Mia Fausto-Cruz. They are all mothers and intimately understand the challenges of balancing their busy lives with nurturing their creativity.


Write Away is a writing, creativity and life coaching retreat company that focuses on giving women the time and space to write and connect with themselves again. The first Write Away retreat was held in October 2017 and was open to all women writers. Another Write Away retreat will be held again in October.

The retreat fee of P24,500 is valid until February 28. The price will go up to P34,500 after that.

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For inquiries, you can contact Aurora M. Suarez at or 09178811047.

Aurora M. Suarez is a certifiedCourageous Living life and career coach, writer and speaker.  She helps women get the clarity to discover what they truly want, make courageous choices and take powerful action to change their lives. She invites women to craft a life they love.

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