{PRESS RELEASE} Yehuda Berg in Manila 2012 (Postponed)


2012 and Beyond  

We live in a world today with more knowledge yet less control. More research and medications yet more sickness. Greater communication yet people living in the same household feel completely disconnected from each other. More technology yet less ability to predict natural disasters. What is going on?

Join Yehuda Berg, Co-Director of the Kabbalah Centre, as he discusses how our willingness to take action and remove our own victim consciousness creates an opening to receive fulfillment and earn the blessings in our life. The 4,000 year old wisdom of Kabbalah, embraced by countless greats in history from Plato to Pythagoras to Newton explains an amazing order within all the apparent chaos. There is a spiritual fabric to life.

By allowing ourselves and others the opportunity to put forth the effort, we can shorten the process of pain and suffering. We can fight for change in the world by embracing internal change and create a world of peace and unlimited fulfillment within our lifetimes.

For details, call 0908 899 8442 or email philippines@kabbalah.com.