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Over on my YouTube channel and Instagram, I get messages and requests to do a "day in my life" post, because many have been wondering how I seem to get a lot of things done. Truth be told, being six months helper-free has been challenging. Managing the home, taking care of the kids, and everything else in between is all about prioritizing.

Each day is different and fixing our schedules over the weekend is the first and foremost thing I do so I can figure out how our week will be like. So as promised, here's a peek on what a day is like for me. Also, I've answered some of the questions you guys threw at me over on my Instagram stories.

Start the Day Right


I'm up early on weekdays to prepare my kids' food for school.

I start the day by reading my daily devotion and meditating for five minutes to clear my head and to be able to focus on the things I need to do for the rest of the day.

After a few minutes of quiet time in the morning, I drink my first cup of coffee in between preparing my kids' baon and waking them up to get ready for school.

Prepare for School


"Can you share some lunch box ideas you prepare for your kids?"

I usually prepare pasta or fried rice for my kids' lunch. These are not just easy to prepare but have become their favorites too! Here's one of the lunches I usually prepare for my kids: fried rice (using Heirloom rice) with crispy fish. I mix their favorite veggies (chayote & carrots) in their fried rice so they get a balanced meal.

ME TIME = Gym Time


After my husband and I drop off our kids to their respective schools, he gets ready for work while I head to the gym to clock in my daily workout. Working out has become an integral part of my day and I consider it as my me time. Contrary to it draining me of energy, it actually makes me feel more energised after a good sweat session.

"What time do you workout and how long?"

I like working early in the morning and it's usually right after school drop off. Depending on the workout set I do, I spend at least an hour at the gym (sometimes it extends to two hours if I'm gonna run 5k after weight training). I don't have a trainer but I rely heavily on the Fitplan app. It's where I get the different workout sets I do, which you see me post on my Instagram stories.

Run Errands


A trip to the bank or a quick grocery run are just some of the errands I do on a weekly basis. Sometimes if I get stuck in traffic I'd have to let go of some errands so I can make it in time at home before lunch.

"Do you drive? How do you manage your time?"

Yes I am the driver of my kids. I'm really a hands-on mom and I'm the one who picks them up from school (again because we have no helper/yaya).

I've accepted the fact that there will be some days when I won't be able to finish everything on my to-do list or that my schedule for the day gets compromised and that's all right.

Lunch & Multitask


I get back home just in time for lunch. Two to three hours are dedicated to some paper work

(checking bills, checking circulars, and updating the calendar, to name a few), finishing some chores and enjoying lunch. These usually happen simultaneously or in between. Normally, I load the laundry while I eat lunch and answer emails.


Waking up at five in the morning is easy but staying alert and awake throughout the day can be challenging. Halfway through the day and I already feel my energy dwindling down. Which is why after lunch I help myself with another cup of coffee and take Cecon® Plus Multivitamins.

"Can you recommend a supplement I can take daily?"

This is one of the questions I get asked over on my Instagram. There are many supplements out there but if I were to recommend one it would be Cecon® Plus. It's a multivitamin brand from Abbott Laboratories. It has Vitamins B, C, and Zinc to name a few. These vitamins and minerals help improve immunity and strengthen one's resistance.

Ready to Go


Recharged and ready to go. Aannnnd I'm off to pick up Juro from school.

I always look forward to picking up this little guy from school. He has so many stories to tell me and each day is amusingly different. He'd do a recap on how his day went, from what happened in class to how he had fun playing with his friends during recess and play time.

I always look forward to picking up this little guy from school. He has so many stories to tell me and each day is amusingly different. He'd do a recap on how his day went, from what happened in class to how he had fun playing with his friends during recess and play time.

We have about an hour and a half before we pick up his sister Gabbie and during this time I usually let him take a nap, do his homework or enjoy a quick snack.

Ready to Go Round 2


Round two of fetching and this time it's my firstborn's turn. Gabbie, like her brother Juro, loves talking about how her day went. We'd walk two blocks from school to our parking and this gives us enough time to catch up.

Back Home


By the time we get home I tell my kids to do their homework while I finish some chores. But on days when there's no homework or chores to be done, we end up just playing or hanging out and watching an episode or two of their favorite cartoons.

Also, as much as I can, I try to spend time with my kids individually. I think it's important to spend time with each child because I learned that it helps with their self-esteem plus it's a great opportunity for us parents to show how we value them and really know how they're feeling.

"What motivates you to be fit and healthy?"

My kids are my motivation. I wasn't as healthy nor fit when I was younger. In fact I used to have asthma, which has prevented me to lead an active lifestyle growing up. Of course there are days when I don't feel I'm at my best, but those days only motivate me even more to get back on track.

I am not getting any younger and at the age of 33, I try to consciously make better choices. Eat better, get enough sleep, and exercise daily. These are just some of the things I try to do so I can be the best mom I can be for my kids. Because at the end of the day my kids think of me as a Supermom and I wanna live up to that image, heehee.

Prepare and Have Dinner


After I've cooked and we've eaten dinner (which is usually 6-7 in the evening), I wash the dishes while my husband gets the kids ready for bed. He's in charge of giving them bath and tucking them in. It does help if you have a partner who splits the work load with you. I'm thankful that my husband is as hands on as I am and even though he's busy at work and gets home just in time for dinner, he makes sure he gets his time with the kids.

Call it a Day


After attending to my kids and managing the home, we call it a day. My husband and I usually catch up and align our schedules for the next day. If we've got enough energy to spare, we end up watching a movie via Netflix.

Sometimes thinking about what I need to do for the next day gets me feeling overwhelmed that I end up overthinking and stressing out. But I've come to accept that plans can change and each day is different and the best thing I can do is to take it one day at a time. I believe we are all super moms trying to juggle everything we can for our family. Whether you're a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, our kids will always think of us as a super mom because they know we're doing our best to take care of the home and the family the best way we can.

Which is why it's important to supplement the right way. And Cecon® Plus has been my (not so secret) side kick in making sure I have enough energy to get me through the day. Again, at the end of the day I really wanna live up to my kids' expectation of me, to be a super mom the best way I can. ;)

*in partnership with Cecon® Plus. All thoughts and opinion are mine*

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