Mompreneur Meet Up: Style & Substance with Leah Puyat

Motherhood always teaches a woman many skills she never thought she would need in making daily tasks at home, in the office or the business work. Being a mother sharpens a woman’s skills in multi-tasking (she puts her baby to sleep while she lists her tasks), negotiating (as she makes her toddler eat veggies), budgeting (handles finances for the household), marketing (she shares good finds to her family and friends), and even creatives (as she does arts and crafts with her kids)! All these skills are essential in her growth as a woman, as she pursues her passions and realize her dreams in becoming a mom-boss someday. Gladly, being a part of the Mommy Mundo community is not just a celebration of motherhood because it also aims to nurture a mother’s growth!

Juggling family and career isn’t an easy task, but Mompreneurs make it work with their admirable patience, hard work, and passion to make things happen. Mommy Mundo understands this very well and is here to support you by coming up with workshops to help with your business or if you’d like to start one.

Mommy Mundo presents this year’s Mommy Mundo Mompreneur Meet Up: Style & Substance with Leah Puyat.

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This Momprenuer Meet Up is happening on June 8, 2019, Saturday, from 11AM-2PM at The Podium Mall. Fashion Columnist Leah Puyat, will teach basics on styling and presenting yourself to look and feel professional as a mom in business. This will help you carry yourselves more confidently inside and out!

Leah Puyat is with Home Style and Skills, a non-profit organization in collaboration with Kenvale College, Australia’s leading college of hospitality, culinary and event management where they use simplified versions of their short courses to promote the true value and dignity of work in the home!

Don’t miss this chance to meet fellow momprenuers, share your strories, and learn from each other as well. This event is FREE but pre-registration is a must.

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